Dr. Jacob Mathias

Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Jacob Mathias


2007 graduate of the Ohio State University School of Veterinary Medicine

Awards and Accreditation



He enjoys taking on challenging cases and has a focused interest in cardiology and soft-tissue surgery. He resides in Tipp City. Outside of work, he enjoys reading, playing basketball and spending time with his newlywed wife (They were married in March of 2012).
Dr. Jacob grew up in Tipp City and is a graduate of Tippecanoe High School, class of 2000. From a young age, Jacob was fascinated with medicine and was able to job-shadow his father (Dr. Jim), seeing many different medical procedures and surgeries. He loved the variety of veterinary medicine. He now finds that every day brings new challenges which make the job fun and exciting. There is also a lot of material to learn, and with modern medicine, things are always advancing. Thankfully, Dr. Jacob enjoys reading and loves to keep up with the most up-to-date treatments.

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Hobbies and Travels

Dr. Jacob has many hobbies. His favorites include traveling, cycling, reading, and fixing up his house. He has been fortunate to be able to travel around the world and see many different cultures. While he is travelling, he likes to stop by local veterinary hospitals to see the differences in medicine throughout the world. Some of his favorite places have been Ecuador, Thailand, India, Mexico, France and Italy.
In his travels to Thailand, he was able to see an elephant rehabilitation facility and a zoo devoted to tigers. In India, he was able to talk to a vet about challenges of running a business there. The main driving force for bringing pets to the vet in India is seasonal deworming.
He was able to talk to a vet in Ecuador who was trying to set up a community initiative to spay and neuter dogs because the wild dog populations were out of control. In every country, he was able to learn more about the culture and veterinary medicine with his conversations with local veterinarians. The main lesson learned was that no matter how different the medicine, people all over the world love and care for their pets as best they can. Dr. Jacob also leads a Bible study for high school guys at Ginghamsburg church. He lives lives in Tipp City with his wife, Brit and his dog, George.