The Dreaded Cat Vet Visit

CatInCarrierIf you are concerned about bringing kitty into the veterinary office, you are not alone. Some owners put off bringing their cats in for physical exams until late in a disease process. Cats are wired to hide any of their problems in nature so they are not targets for larger animals that wish to harm them. They are great at it.

There are some good techniques for making the transportation and the vet experience much better. We can help.


  • FeliwayImageGet them used to the carrier. Put it out days to weeks before. Put very tasty treats, catnip, and toys in the carrier.
  • Pick up some “kitty happy pheromone” called Feliway and spray in the cage and on a towel. We have this available in our office.
  • Make appointment – We will try to schedule you at the right time to minimize noise and get you into a room quickly
  • Once in the room, open the carrier and let them explore. We will have already sprayed some of the Feliway in the room and on a towel.

Each time you visit, the kitty will usually get more and more relaxed and you will too. If you have a specific question, please don’t hesitate to call or email us.

-Dr Jim.

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