Lodging FAQ

Frequently asked questions about our lodging services:

1) Will my pet be around other dogs?

Yes, depending on the amount of pets we have staying with us, which fluctuates throughout the year. At slower times of the year, we may have space to spread our guests out into runs that are further apart. In the busier seasons, we will have dogs in multiple runs beside each other. However, each run is separated by a 3 foot high solid wall at the bottom and chain link at the top. Smaller dogs generally do not see each other unless they stand on their hind legs and can see above the wall.

2) What is the tuck in treat at night?

The tuck in treat that our kennel staff gives to our guests at the end of the night is an Iams biscuit.

3) Why is the Bordatella vaccine needed every 6 months?

Bordatella is the vaccination we use to help prevent kennel cough.  Kennel cough is an infectious bronchitis in dogs and can cause hacking and coughing. Kennel cough is spread through the air and one sick dog can easily infect many others. Vaccinating your pet every 6 months for this can greatly help reduce the chance of them getting kennel cough, especially in a boarding or grooming setting.

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4) Can I call to check on my pet while they are in the lodging facility?

Absolutely! You can call at any point during our regular business hours and we will let you speak directly to one of our kennel workers so you know how your pet is doing.

5) Can I bring my pets own bedding, toys and treats?

Yes. Bringing your pets’ own personal bed along with any toys they like to play with can help relax and make them more comfortable while they are staying with us. Brining your pets food is welcomed also but we do have a high quality kennel food available at no extra charge.

6) How long is group play time?

Group play lasts 2 hours and is offered twice daily. Group play is typically outdoors unless the weather is bad in which case we have a large indoor area for playtime.

7) How long is One on One play time?

One on one playtime typically lasts 15-12 minutes and is offered twice daily.