How to Prevent Arthritis in Your Pet

If I could tell you how to greatly lower your pet’s odds of getting arthritis in a free manner that would help you save money, would you do it? A recent study involving Golden Retrievers, showed that an amazing 66% were euthanized because of complications from arthritis. What a tragic loss.

It has been shown that fat cells are your pet’s worst enemies when stretched. Fat tissue is not very active when it is not stretched by gaining weight. As soon as those cells start to fill and get stretched, they turn into little factories that secrete some very damaging substances that destroy pet’s cartilage and promote inflammation in joints.

The single most significant factor to prevent arthritis is to get your pet’s weight under control.

How do you know if your pet is overweight? Look at these illustrations and compare them with your pet.


So, how do you get your pet to that ideal weight? The solution for most pets is pretty easy.

  1. Lower the daily food intake for your pet. Look at the back of the bag for the feeding amounts your pet should have. If your dog weighs 100lbs, and should weigh 60lbs, gradually start decreasing the amount of food they take in. Start with 5-10 lbs at a time. Once they reach their “goal” set a new one.
  2. Exercise! Take walks, play in the yard, go for a bike ride with your pet. Not only does exercise decrease the pet’s weight, in increases the bond between
  3.  Consider a weight loss food for your pet. There are many options available in pet stores. We also carry a veterinary recommended diet for weight loss called Hills Metabolic. It is specifically formulated to help your pet lose weight and we have had great success with our patients who have switched to this food. You can learn more about the metabolic diets we carry at the Hills Website.
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