Emergency Care

Emergency Care

Pet Ownership

As a pet owner or animal lover, in all honesty, you’d probably prefer never having to visit us at all. That would mean that your pet was completely healthy and you were perfectly content seeing your family veterinarian for regularly scheduled appointments. And you know what? We’d be happy about that too because we’re pet owners and animal lovers as well. If your pet is seriously injured or ill, contact us as soon as possible.

During our normal office hours a member of our medical staff will help you assess the situation and determine the seriousness of your pet’s condition.

After-Hours Emergencies

Our veterinarians are available on an on-call basis for after-hour emergencies Sunday through Thursday from 6:00pm until 10:00pm. To reach the doctor on-call, please call our main office number (937-667-8489) during the hours previously mentioned and press “1” when prompted. Your call will be automatically connected. If you do not initially reach the on-call doctor, please leave a message on their mobile phone and they will return your call as soon as possible. They may already be working with another patient in distress. If your call is not returned within 10 minutes, please contact the Dayton Emergency Veterinary Clinic at the number below.

After Hours Contacts

Outside of our emergency hours, if your pet is seriously injured or ill, please contact one of Dayton’s two emergency hospitals:

Dayton Emergency Veterinary Clinic
2714 Springboro Road West – Dayton, OH 45439
(Click here for driving directions)
937-293-2714 / www.daytonevc.com
Dayton Care Center
6405 Clyo Road – Dayton, OH 45459
(Click here for driving directions)

937-428-0911 / www.carecentervets.com

Please note that both hospitals require full payment for services in advance.

Poison Control

Outside of our normal office hours, if you suspect that your pet may have ingested a toxic substance, contact the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center at 888-426-4435.

Consultation and emergency services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Please note that the center charges a $55 consultation fee, payable by credit card.


Restraining/Muzzling an Injured Pet

Any pet, no matter how docile he may be, has the potential to bite when he is severely injured, frightened, or in pain. It is important to recognize this and take proper precautions to keep from being bitten. Small dogs or cats can be wrapped in blankets. Larger dogs can be restrained by placing an arm around their neck and the other arm around their chest, pulling them tightly against your body.
All dogs need to be muzzled for any handling or treatment that might be frightening or painful. If you don’t have a commercial muzzle, you can make an acceptable substitute using adhesive tape, a roll of gauze, a cloth, or a leash. Follow the steps below to improvise a muzzle with whatever materials you have available during the emergency:
Emergency---Emma1 Emergency---Emma2 Emergency---Emma3
Step 1
Make a large loop in the fabric/material and place loop over muzzle
Step 2
Tighten the loop and cross the ends underneath the muzzle
Step 3
Bring the ends behind the ears and tie snuggly
Do not muzzle a dog if it’s: vomiting, coughing, having difficulty breathing, or unconscious.

Transporting an Injured Pet

Small dogs and cats can be transported in a large box, pet carrier or wrapped in a blanket. Large dogs with possible back or head injury can be transported on a large piece of plywood or heavy cardboard. Duct tape is used to secure the dog to the board at the shoulders and in front of the hips.