Canine Daycare

Tipp City Veterinary Hospital offers canine daycare services to fit all breeds and budgets. Whether your pet is 5 or 95 pounds, we can find a way to fill your dogs day with play, attention and care. Daycare is great for dogs because they are naturally social creatures and enjoy interacting with other dogs throughout the day. Dogs of all energy levels enjoy daycare, from hi-energy runners to sunbathers! If your pet does not get a chance to interact with other dogs, daycare is a great way to get them involved. Group play teaches dogs how to interact with each other and socialize so you can have a well-rounded dog. It’s also wears your pet out and a tired dog is a happy dog (and a happy owner)! If your pet does not always enjoy the company of other dogs, you can still bring them in for one-on-one playtime with one of our Pet Comfort Specialists who will spend some quality time with them.

What a typical daycare day consists of:

  • Morning potty break
  • Breakfast
  • Playtime (group or individual)
  • Afternoon Snack (SweetSpot or PB Kong)
  • Rest up for next session of rousing playtime
  • Playtime (group or individual)
  • Dinner
  • Evening potty break

Vaccination Requirements:

  • Rabies- Current up to 3 years
  • Bordetella- Within previous 6 months
  • Distemper/Parvovirus combination- Within previous 12 months
  • Negative fecal screening- Within previous 6 months