Canine Playtime and Extras

Whether your pet is staying for the day or for a whole week, there are a few extras you can add to make their time with us even more enjoyable!


Everyone loves a good treat, even our dogs! For an additional $2 each, your pet can have a SweetSpot or Peanut Butter Kong treat to snack on during downtime in daycare or lodging. The SweetSpot is a frozen yogurt-based treat for dogs and the Peanut Butter Kong is simply a Kong toy filled with yummy peanut butter! You can choose one other the other for your dog or add some variety and switch it up each day!

Extra Potty Breaks

Sometimes dogs just need an extra chance to go outside and take a potty break or even just get some fresh air. For an additional $2 each time, your pet will be walked outside with our pet comfort specialists.

Raised Bed

If your pooch is a bit of a Prince or Princess or if they are a little older and you don’t want them sleeping on the floor, consider purchasing a raised bed while they are staying with us. It is made out of durable PVC and mesh fabric and can accommodate even large size dogs. Cost for the raised bed is $2.50/day.


For $6 a day your pet can participate in our group play program where they spend two hours in the morning or afternoon running, hopping and wrestling with our other daycare and lodging guests. For $10, they can participate in both sessions. That is four hours of energy burning! If your pet is more shy and prefers to play alone, one of our Pet Comfort Specialists will spend some quality time with them for $8/day for one session or $14/day for two sessions.