Group Play FAQ

How do I know whether group play is a good fit for my dog?

Group play is great for dogs of all energy levels. We have pets in that are non-stop runners and jumpers to pets that just love to lay in the sun and relax. We also have dogs of all different sizes that love to come in and play together. If your small dog doesn’t seem to want to be around the bigger pooches, we will give them their own area to run and socialize in with pets that are similar in size.

If you dog loves to go to the dog park and socialize, they are an ideal candidate for our group play program. We also recommend bringing your pet in if they don’t get a chance to meet other dogs and need some chances to interact and socialize.

How are the dogs divided into separate play groups?

There are small dog group available for dogs under 35 pounds. Small dogs do have the opportunity to play with the larger dogs if they want to.

What happens if my dog gets scared or isn’t having a good time?

If your pet just doesn’t seem to want to play with the other dogs or seems scared, there are a couple of different options. Individual playtime with a pet comfort specialist is available. They will get exercise and special attention. You may also choose to add on a few extra potty breaks to your pets lodging package so they can get some exercise outside with one of our team members.

What happens if my dog gets hurt during group play?

We are a full-service veterinary facility and have staff on at all times so your pet will be well taken care of if something were to happen at a group play session.

Are group play times supervised at all times?

There is one fully trained staff member for every 10-15 dogs in group play. We have someone constantly monitoring the pets and they have the ability to report any problems directly to their supervisor or the medical staff if needed.

What happens if there is inclement weather?

While our outdoor play area is amazing, we do offer an indoor play yard. There could be ten inches of snow, a thunderstorm, or 100 degree temperatures and your pet will be comfortable and happy playing inside our climate controlled play area.

How old does my dog have to be to participate?

Dogs between the ages of 6 months and 10 years of age are qualified to participate in group play.

Do you offer multi-pet discounts?

With pets from the same family (same owner), the first pet’s cost is full price while any additional pet in group play is half-price.

Are there any participation restrictions?

Pets participating in group play must be 6 months-10 years old, spayed/neutered and must be current on the appropriate vaccinations. Pets must also have a negative fecal screening within the last 6 months to participate. We cannot accept pets with medical conditions that could be aggravated by participation in group play (limping, skin conditions, etc). Pets must also undergo a temperament evaluation before participating in group play.

What will happen during my dogs temperament evaluation?

Hands on


On Leash

Off Leash

Group Play

What if my dog doesn’t pass its temperament evaluation?

Just as with the dogs who are scared or aren’t enjoying their group play time, there are a couple different options for owners who want their pets to have some extra interaction while staying with us. You have the option or purchasing individual play time or adding on a few more potty breaks to your dogs lodging package to get them a little extra attention.