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Saying Goodbye

Your pet has been there for you through your toughest days, and although it is a painful decision to make, euthanasia is often the kindest gift you can give to your pet. It is an end to their pain and suffering.

We will be honest and frank with you about this deeply personal decision. If you come to the decision to euthanize your pet, we will help you through it. We encourage you to be with your friend if you want to be it can be a pleasant, releasing experience. You can help relieve suffering and say goodbye in a strongly supportive environment. Or, we can care for your friend if you feel you cannot be there. One our loving staff members will comfort your pet.

Grief Process

We, more than most people, understand the difficulties that this important decision presents. People often feel guilt and remorse. Let us help you work through the process.
You can take your pet’s remains with you for burial at home, or we offer a cremation service. We like to make a permanent paw print with your pet’s name on it for you, at no charge, as a memento. It is a privilege to serve you in this most challenging time.

Please take a moment to read Dr. Jim’s personal experience with euthanasia.