Stem Cell Therapy

stem cell replacement therapy

Stem Cell Therapy

Tipp City Veterinary Hospital and Wellness Center is now offering stem cell therapy to treat injured and arthritic patients. This technology was introduced to small animal veterinarians in early 2008. That same year Dr Jim Mathias, Dr Nick Mathias and Dr Jacob Mathias became credentialed in the use of this new therapy.

Minimally Invasive – Quicker Recovery

We are very excited about this new treatment option. It is minimally invasive and has great potential for healing some of our more difficult cases.” says Dr Jim Mathias. “We collect 2 tablespoons of fat from the patients and send it to the lab where the cells are concentrated and sent back for treatment in 2 days.”

Put the Brakes on Degeneration

Degenerative conditions, such as arthritis and hip dysplasia which have been managed with pain relievers and joint protectors can now be treated with this new technology. “What is unique about this new treatment option is that it can actually promote new, healthy tissue formation where previously we were just trying to protect the damaged tissue and provide pain management.” says Dr. Nick Mathias. “Also, we get the benefit of stem cell therapy without the chance of rejection because we are using the patent’s own cells.” This technology avoids both the problems of rejection and the ethical concerns that many people consider when discussing stem cell therapy.

Dr. Jacob Mathias

“Because we are using the patient’s own cells and not embryonic stem cells, there are no ethical or moral concerns, we are simply using the patients own natural stem cells and helping the body use them.” Says Dr Jacob Mathias.
With this new technique, patients can have signs of progress within weeks with lasting effects. The process takes several days and is an outpatient procedure. For more information on stem cells, visit, or call for a consultation.