Veterinary Surgery

Pre and Post Surgical Care

We have excellent equipment for monitoring our patients. We have a veterinary technician or assistant stay with each pet, constantly monitoring and caring for them until they’re awake. We have the safest gas anesthesia available, called Sevoflo, for high risk pets.

Laser Surgery

We have a powerful surgical laser that we use for many surgeries; check out our laser surgery page.We have anesthetic; gas scavenger systems in place for patient and staff safety. The room itself is airflow controlled. The air is under positive pressure so no air from the hospital environment comes into the surgical suite.

Aseptic Environment

When the door is opened, air flows out of the suite, carrying any potential germs with it. Our tables are heated for the safety and comfort of your furry loved one. We can handle the largest surgical cases. The surgery tables are hydraulic and can be easily raised and lowered to accommodate various sized patients.

Simple and Complex Surgeries

We do simple surgical procedures as well as some very complex ones that are usually reserved for surgical centers. Check out the various surgeries on our soft tissue surgery and orthopedic surgery pages for examples.