Handling Toys

PupppywithballresizedToys are great for your puppy’s development but there are some guidelines to follow. Only have two toys down on the floor at one time.  If you have more than two, your puppy will most likely think that anything within reach is his/hers and won’t be able to recognize the difference between your stuff and his/hers.  We do recommend a variety of different toys for your puppy, but only two on the floor at once.

Also practice gently taking toys from the puppy.  Say thank you and return the object as you tell your puppy to take it.  Repeat this training task multiple times daily in multiple locations.  In fact, toy-handling exercises can be used to teach the “give” command.  If the puppy learns that something good comes when relinquishing objects, you should soon be able to handle any toy that your puppy has.  Your puppy will learn that it is okay for you to handle his/her possessions, and that you will give them back.