ID For Your Puppy


On your dog’s collar, place a tag with your dog’s name and your telephone number. It is important to keep collar on at all times. We do carry high-quality Lupine leashes and collars in our facility. If you don’t find a style or color you like, we can custom order one for you. Lupine collars are guaranteed for life; even if your pet chews on it or destroys it in any way, you can bring it back and have it replaced at no charge to you! We also carry Red Dingo tags for your dogs collar. These tags are available in a variety of sizes, colors and styles.


Microchips are a permanent form of ID that goes underneath your pet’s skin. This chip contains an alphanumeric code that can be read by animal shelters and veterinary offices. Microchips can be given at our office during a normal visit, they don’t require sedation. The cost is $47 and includes the registration. For more information about the microchips we offer, visit the Home Again website.