Basic Commands

“Learn to earn” is a way to take control and positively reinforce desired behaviors.  This control can allow us to encourage good behavior while discouraging unwanted behavior.

  • Sit, Stay, and Come are 3 basic essential commands your puppy should learn in order to become a good canine citizen.

  • Repetition and consistency are key to ensuring these behaviors are learned properly.

  • Mastering these commands also ensures safety for your puppy and others.

  • Obedience classes not only offer the skills for your puppy to become a well rounded and behaved adult, but they also provide opportunities for socialization and building self confidence.

These basic commands will help build a life long trusting relationship between you and your puppy. It is best to start training after your pet has been exercised.  If you come home and your puppy has been confined all day, he/she will not be able to listen until some energy has been released.

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