Help! My Ferret Ate Something He Shouldn’t Have!

Smart, wriggly, and endlessly entertaining! Ferrets are full of boundless energy and overwhelming curiosity. Unfortunately, that endearing combination of curiosity, energy, and litheness can lead them into some dangerous situations. It can also put them in situations where they may eat something they shouldn’t! There are many items which your curious ferret should never eat. These [...]

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A parasite by definition is an organism that resides in or on another organism of another species and derives it’s nutrients from that “host” organism. Unfortunately parasites infect thousands of pets every year. As a result of this we feel it would be helpful to all our patients and their owners to provide some information [...]

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Pet Dental Care

Our most common procedure is simply cleaning and polishing teeth. Unfortunately, we have to remove some teeth that are badly infected and repair some that are damaged. We can also do root canals to preserve the important teeth. Good dental care can extend your pets life significantly. Come in and ask us about OraVet, the [...]

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