Dental Estimates

I had two dogs come in for a dental cleaning last week from the same family.  After the physical it seemed like they both had about the same amount of dental disease.  Both these dogs were graded as a grade 3 out of 4 dental disease.  At this stage, there is a lot of tartar [...]

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A Puppy and a Piglet

When I reflect on why I so enjoy being a veterinarian, I only have to look back at last week, the last week of January, 2014. We had a lab puppy come in three weeks before that with severe growth deformities. She was barely able to walk on the initial exam. We took X-rays and [...]

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A solution for itchy dogs!

Every once in a while there are major breakthroughs in medical research.  We at the Tipp City Veterinary Hospital are pleased to announce that there is new hope for itchy dogs:  Apoquel. Allergies are one of the most common issues in dogs and one of the most frustrating.  Our only highly effective treatment options in the past [...]

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So… your dog eats poop?

  It’s the end of a new puppy visit.  My face has been thoroughly licked, vaccines given and general questions  answered.  The physical exam is normal, “no surprises” I say.  Then I ask if they have any other questions and I see the look on the owner’s face…it’s the look of embarrassment.  I can tell [...]

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Honor & Trust – Dr. Jim

Dr. JimI recently was privileged to examine a new little puppy. It was so nice to see the owners come in the hospital with smiles on their faces. The last time I saw them was such an emotionally charged time. They were filled with anxiety due to the illness their 14 year old golden retriever [...]

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A Response from Dr. Jim

I would like to respond to the 20/20 television program of November 22, “Is Your Veterinarian Being Honest With You?”  I was offended.  The gist of the program was that veterinarians try to “upsell” you by fear, talking about unnecessary vaccines, dentals, lab work and using the “C” word, cancer, to scare clients into compliance. [...]

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Dr. Jacobs Top Pet Presents

Last year Americans spent $52.87 billion on their pets. Of that a large portion was food, toys, and treats. Most pet owners will buy their pets presents for Christmas. With that in mind I wanted to share some of the funniest gifts I have seen available and see what your pet’s favorite gifts have been. [...]

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