Preparing Your Dog for Fall

It’s fall! Colder weather is slowly creeping up on us. Leaves will be changing color and then dropping before we know it. That’s the signal that it’s time to start getting our homes, gardens, and vehicles ready for winter. However, those aren’t the only things that need some attention before it gets chilly. We [...]

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Have You Seen These Uncommon Non-Shedding Dog Breeds?

Most people probably know that poodles don’t shed. The Portuguese Water Dog, Maltese, Chinese Crested, and Mexican Hairless are other non-shedders that are fairly well-known. Some people have even developed cross-breeds like the Schnoodle in an effort to create a shed-free dog. But have you heard of these eight lesser-known breeds that are also non-shedding? Some of them are [...]

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Understanding Cancer in Dogs

Dogs can get cancer in many of the same body systems as humans–skin, liver, reproductive system, bone. We know quite a bit less about cancers in dogs than in humans. What we do know suggests that early identification and treatment is critical. While some dog species carry a genetic susceptibility to certain cancers — [...]

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