7 Dogs that Don’t Shed: All the Love Without the Fuzz


Whether you have allergy concerns or simply don’t want to have to vacuum constantly, selecting a dog breed with a low-maintenance coat can make bringing a pet into your life easier. Here are seven breeds that promise to bring all the love with none (or at least a lot less of) the fuzz. 

Yorkshire Terrier

There’s a whole lot of personality tucked into this tiny package. While Yorkshire Terriers (or Yorkies, as they are affectionately known) only grow to weigh about seven pounds, they are smart, independent dogs with a lot of energy. Yorkies have a single coat and very little shedding. They do tend to get cold easily and need lots of early socialization to ensure that they become friendly adults. 

Portuguese Water Dog

The Portuguese Water Dog received a lot of attention when the Obama family chose Bo as the First Dog. This breed makes an excellent family dog because they are loving and very friendly. One of their claims to fame is their webbed feet, a genetic feature that hints to their water-heavy background. They were originally bred to work on fishing boats and were even sent as messengers between boats. Today, much of that energy remains, and this medium-sized dog (35-60 pounds) will need a lot of daily exercise.


Perhaps one of the most popular low-shed breeds, the Poodle is an excellent option for those who have hypoallergenic concerns. Since the breed comes in Toy, Miniature, and Standard varieties, you can be sure to find a Poodle that fits (literally) into your life well. This breed is also known for its intelligence and trainability. Be warned, though, that having a low-shed coat doesn’t mean a low-maintenance one. Most poodles will require specialty grooming to keep them looking their best.  

Maltese Terrier

The Maltese Terrier (or, simply, Maltese) is another small breed with a lot of personality. This breed can often be seen on the agility course and has a lot of energy and a high drive toward trainability. The Maltese have no undercoat, which means that they shed very little. Their small size (4-7 pounds) makes them ideal choices for apartment living. They can be a little temperamental with small children and other dogs, so this may not be the best choice for those with youngsters around the house.

Bichon Frise

These little dogs are known for being performers, charming those around them with their antics. They also tend to be friendly and good with kids. Bichon Frise have only moderate energy levels, making them great city dogs who don’t need as much intense exercise as some other breeds. They shed very little, but they do require regular grooming to keep their coat clean and free of matting. 

Chinese Crested

You can’t get much better than the hairless variety of the Chinese Crested if you’re trying to minimize shedding. Even the Powderpuff variety, though, has minimal shedding. This breed is unique in that it has very low exercise needs and makes a great companion for people with low mobility. This is especially true because they tend to form intense social bonds with their “pack” rather than be outgoing with everyone. These small dogs (up to 12 pounds) will need some grooming care as even the “hairless” varieties have tufts of fur on their head and feet that need trimming. 


This hybrid mix between a Schnauzer and a Poodle has a very low-shed coat and can come in a wide range of sizes (since both Schnauzers and Poodles come in a variety of sizes as well). You can find Schnoodles weighing anywhere from 7 to 80 pounds! This is a highly intelligent breed that tends to be easy to train and is friendly with kids. Schnoodles will need quite a bit of exercise to stay happy and healthy, and the bigger the dog, the more challenging meeting those needs can be, so make sure you’ve got lots of walks on your agenda if you bring one of these into your home.

In order to make sure that you find the best fit for your home, consider all the factors: maintenance levels, activity needs, size, and personality. With a little planning and some careful consideration, you’ll be able to find the companion that’s right for you! Once you bring home your new family member, be sure to check out Tipp City Veterinary Hospital for all your pet health care needs.  

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Cindy Stone
Cindy Stone
posted 3 weeks ago

Clean, friendly and I was immediately welcomed. All interactions with "Pumpkin" were sincere and loving . All seem to enjoy their jobs. Sensitive to my pet's needs. First time boarding at 5 years old. Did well.

Tiffany A Burger
Tiffany A Burger
posted 2 weeks ago

I cant say enough praise over this practice. Dr. Jacob and ALL the staff demonstrate true compassion towards animals as well to those who own them. I have witnessed time and time again how each staff member blesses every person and/or fur baby who enters their doors. I have experienced the power of knowledge, expertise and (most importantly) kindness from Dr. Jacob as he helped walk me through an emotional time when Nikita was really sick. They love on my girl like she was their own- every encounter. I keep coming back and referring others to see themselves why I just love this place.

Charlene Robinette
Charlene Robinette
posted 3 months ago

We were extremely happy with our experience at Tipp City Veterinary Hospital. They were able to get us in on a Sunday, when our dog was very sick and needed to be seen that day. The staff was friendly, courteous and helpful. Dr. Ken was wonderful! He was gentle, but thorough when he examined our dog. He diagnosed the problem and patiently answered all our questions. His treatment was effective and our dog was feeling much better within 24 hours. We would definitely recommend Tipp City Veterinary Hospital.

amy allen
amy allen
posted 1 week ago

I have been taking my pitbull to Tipp veterinary hospital for 7 years and without fail every time we have walked in, we have been treated like family and my dog has been treated like royalty! Several times my dog has turned up missing and has been tracked back to the Tipp Veterinarian Hospital and they have kept her until I could be reached. They've never charged me for this and they've never scolded me. The facility is always very clean with no smell and Everyone is always extremely professional. With that being said they will take their professional caps off to love on my dog and be silly and make her feel like she's the only dog in the world! When you watch any of the doctors and all of the staff you know they are doing what they love and what they've been called to do. They've always taken such good care of my dog's health. And one thing that I really like is I don't feel like they judge and I don't feel like they push anything on me that I don't need or want.

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