As uncomfortably cold temperatures cover much of our area, daily dog walks can quickly become a dreaded chore for you and your dog. But, with the right winter gear and attire, you both can enjoy the wintery season while staying warm and dry.

Have you ever wondered if dogs wish they had a sweater or a pair of fuzzy boots? You may think that because your dog has a built-in coat, they don’t need the extra layers. But, during the winter months, with ice, rain, and snow, the cute booties and dog sweaters are for more than just looks.

In fact, some breeds are better at protecting themselves from weather elements than others. If you are wondering if your pup needs a little something extra before heading outside, here are a few breeds that need a little extra help staying warm:

  • Small and mini breeds like Chihuahuas, Yorkies, Dachshunds, and French Bulldogs
  • Dogs that are lower to the ground like Corgis, Spaniels, and Small Terriers
  • Longhaired breeds with coats clipped short like Poodles and Maltese
  • Lean-bodied pups like Greyhounds, Weimerunners, Dobermans, and Whippets
  • Senior dogs that are prone to conditions like arthritis or have existing health issues.

Most of the breeds above have difficulty retaining or generating enough body heat to keep themselves warm. Even dogs with thicker coats but are shorter in stature catch cold easily because their bodies sit closer to the ground near the ice and snow.

Dogs with thinner coats need a little extra protection with Jack Frost hanging around!

Does my dog really need winter gear?

Dog jackets and boots are essential for protecting pets against cold weather and precipitation.

Choosing the gear you need depends on your lifestyle and the climate you live in. If you and your pup are particularly active outdoors, even in winter, a sturdy coat and booties will protect your dog from the winter temperatures.

Typically, dogs in temperatures above 45 degrees don’t need a winter coat to be outside. But keep an eye on their behavior: If they begin to shiver or show signs of feeling cold, it’s time to go in where it’s warm!

One way to check your dog’s temperature is to feel the outer edges of their ear. If they are cold to the touch, it’s a good idea to bundle up or head inside.

The Best Winter Gear for Dogs

From dog galoshes and rain jackets to winter coats and snow booties, all breeds look adorable all dressed up! We scoured the web for some of the cutest and most practical winter gear for dogs.

  1. Climate Changer™ Dog Fleece Pullover – This pullover sweater is perfect for all breeds! The open cap sleeves provide dogs with broader shoulders plenty of comfort, warmth, and full range of motion.
  2. Polar Trex™ Winter Dog Boots – Protect their paws with winter dog boots that add traction and protection with every step.
  3. Muttluks Fleece Lined Muttluks Dog Boots – Keep their paws warm and cozy with a 4 pack of fleece-lined booties to protect their feet on winter walks.
  4. Water-Proof Dog Boots – If there’s more rain than snow where you live, these waterproof boots are perfect for keeping their paws clean and dry.
  5. Kuoser Dog Vest and Winter Coat – This does double duty as fashionable and warm!
  6. Chilly Dog Boyfriend Dog Sweater – Great for small and large breeds! Comes in 8 different sizes, too.

When it’s time for a winter walk, keep your pup looking festive and feeling cozy with these options. If you have any questions about the safety precautions or style that’s best for your dog, please reach out to us. We’d be happy to advise you in making the best decision for your pet!