Need a cat-proof Christmas tree? You can do it yourself! Read on to discover how.

If you are wondering how to avoid a wrecked Christmas tree this year, here are some great tips to protect your cat and your decorations.

Cats and Christmas trees are an interesting duo. It might seem impossible to avoid a toppling tree or broken ornaments. With a little creativity, you can avoid these cat-tastrophes and enjoy this holiday season with your cat.

Tips to Cat-Proof a Christmas Tree

Setting Up the Tree

You may be tempted to begin decorating the tree immediately, but it helps to give your cat a moment to adjust to the new family member. Set up the tree a few days before adding the decorations to give your cat the chance to investigate it and (hopefully) become bored with it.

Cats climb a lot! Purchasing a sturdy tree base is key to effectively anchoring the tree and preventing tree toppling conundrums! Make sure the base is the proper size for the tree and is sturdy enough to withstand a little jostling.

Avoid “launching zones” as you are setting up the tree, where your cat can launch themselves onto the tree from another piece of furniture. This will reduce the temptation to pounce!

Don’t forget to cover the water bowl with foil or a tree skirt to avoid a sick kitty.

Decorating the Tree

When you are decorating the tree, focus on the top half and avoid placing anything breakable toward the bottom. If cats see something sparkly and dangling, they can’t resist the temptation!

Avoid glass ornaments and sharp objects. Instead of hooks, use ribbon to tie on the ornaments to prevent injury from the hooks.

As you are stringing the lights, push them toward the center of the tree, so your cat is less tempted to chew on the cords or become tangled. Don’t forget to cover electric cords, so your furry friend doesn’t chew through the wires!

Block the Tree Water

Cats hate the smell of citrus and pine. Place orange or lemon rinds around the base of the tree to deter them from drinking the tree water. Alternatively, add pine cones to block the area around the base.

Consider blocking the water completely by covering the water bowl with foil. Cats hate the sound of foil!

With a few creative ideas and a little training, you and your cat can have a peaceful and safe holiday season!

If you have any questions about how to cat-proof your Christmas tree, don’t hesitate to contact us!