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The first grooming visit for a pet can be a wonderful, calming and fulfilling experience, if done correctly. There are many breeds such as poodles, yorkies, schnauzers and shih tzu’s that will require regular grooming throughout their lives to help maintain their health and appearance. The best idea is to start getting your pet used to the groomer when they are young so they can learn that grooming can be fun and exciting and not overwhelming and scary.

Start your pet out with regular visits to your Veterinarian to make sure they are healthy and up to date on all important vaccines. This will get them used to the car ride and teach them that trips can be fun! Give your pet small treats for good behavior and make sure everyone gets a chance to pet and adore him/her. You can also take your pet for a visit to the groomer so they can have the chance to smell and hear what goes on in the grooming room in a typical day. Again, reward your pet for being calm, curious and relaxed.
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physical exam

A physical exam is important because it gives the veterinarian a chance to thoroughly examine your pet from nose to tail and to see if there are any changes or abnormalities in your pet’s overall health. Each of the following body systems are examined:

  • Musculoskeletal system: Checks body condition score (BCS), any limping or abnormalities with movement
  • Ears/Eyes: Checks for abnormalities such as infection, debris, and inflammation.
  • Neurologic: Check overall attitude, puppies should be bright, alert, responsive.
  • Skin: Check for any external parasites, rash, infection, etc.
  • Respiratory: Makes sure lungs are clear with normal respiratory rate.
  • Heart: No heart abnormalities and normal heart rate.
  • Urogenital: Check urinary system and genitalia for any abnormalities.
  • Lymph Nodes: Check enlargement of lymph nodes.
If your pet seems have pain, your veterinarian will discuss this with you at the time of your visit.

Bathing and Cleaning your Puppy

The frequency of baths will vary depending on your puppy. We recommend bathing puppies when they smell bad or are oily.

  • Use lukewarm water

  • Use a mild/gentle shampoo for pets (aloe/oatmeal, etc.)

  • Rinse from tail to head to minimize shaking

  • Dry in a warm area

  • Dry off face, around eyes, and dry out ears (use ear cleaner with a drying agent)

  • Human shampoos can irritate the skin, and bathing your puppy too much can cause dryness and flakiness. This also is a great time to check for fleas, ticks, and possible skin problems.

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handling food bowls

Choosing the Right Food for your Pet

We know that pet food choices are intimidating. How important are protein quality, omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidants, glucosamine, MSM, chondroitin, arginine, lysine, taurine, probiotics, and nucleotides? It can be confusing; what is important and what is hype? Let us guide you through the process. We carry several brands of food that we trust and know completely.
You will quickly see that comparing pet foods is difficult. What food is best at what life stage or state of health? Do you change foods for pregnancy, post-surgery, after kidney or liver disease is diagnosed, diabetes, bladder stone, or cancer? Usually there is an ideal food for each situation. We can help you with this important decision.

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James Cosby II
James Cosby II
posted 6 months ago

I have utilized the boarding facility numerous times over the past 3 years. The staff is friendly and courteous. I own 4 American Bullies and they do a wonderful job with them. They treat my dogs as I would treat my dogs and that's with the utmost love and care. The facility is immaculate. I have them wash my dogs and they do a superb job. I highly recommend them if you are looking for boarding and/or grooming. Utilizing their services is money well spent.

Cheryl Posey
Cheryl Posey
posted 1 month ago

I've been taking my dogs to Dr Jim for almost 16 years and can't say enough good things about him, the other vets and staff. Everyone has taken such good care of my pets, I can't imagine going anywhere else. I truly believe that if it weren't for the excellent care my Pomeranian Fiona has received during the past three years with Dr Jim, thst she wouldn't be here with me today.

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