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cat eating food

Because we love our pets, we love to treat them with an occasional special snack! While cats may not gobble it up as quickly as dogs, cats enjoy a little indulgence, too; however, there are foods to avoid or limit when it comes to treating your feline friend.

Keeping your cat on a cat-friendly diet can prevent a lot of health issues. Most human foods are perfectly safe for cats, but others can pose a serious health risk which is why it’s important to limit human food to very rare occasions, if at all.

There are many human snacks that may seem harmless to cats but can cause severe illness or even death. In fact, there is so much misinformation about what cats can consume that many owners unintentionally give treats that can cause major health issues.

Next time your cat deserves an extra snack, refer to the lists below to make sure the treat does them good instead of harm.Read More »


Whether you have allergy concerns or simply don’t want to have to vacuum constantly, selecting a dog breed with a low-maintenance coat can make bringing a pet into your life easier. Here are seven breeds that promise to bring all the love with none (or at least a lot less of) the fuzz. 

Yorkshire Terrier

There’s a whole lot of personality tucked into this tiny package. While Yorkshire Terriers (or Yorkies, as they are affectionately known) only grow to weigh about seven pounds, they are smart, independent dogs with a lot of energy. Yorkies have a single coat and very little shedding. They do tend to get cold easily and need lots of early socialization to ensure that they become friendly adults. 

Portuguese Water Dog

The Portuguese Water Dog received a lot of attention when the Obama family chose Bo as the First Dog. This breed makes an excellent family dog because they are loving and very friendly. One of their claims to fame is their webbed feet, a genetic feature that hints to their water-heavy background. They were originally bred to work on fishing boats and were even sent as messengers between boats. Today, much of that energy remains, and this medium-sized dog (35-60 pounds) will need a lot of daily exercise.

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Birds, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, and reptiles are all considered exotic pets. These critters need specialized care. Our doctors are dedicated to keeping up with the latest research to help you care for these unique pets.

Our most common procedure is simply cleaning and polishing teeth. Unfortunately, we have to remove some teeth that are badly infected and repair some that are damaged. We can also do root canals to preserve the important teeth.


Good dental care can extend your pets life significantly. Come in and ask us about OraVet, the latest in preventative pet dental care.

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Jeff Ireland
Jeff Ireland
posted 3 weeks ago

We love taking our dog to get groomed here. They are always super friendly and do an amazing job. Our dog Gracie is never scared to go get groomed. They take amazing care of your pet and it’s truly a great value for your money. I always recommend them when I can!

Balanced Perceptions, LLC
Balanced Perceptions, LLC
posted 2 months ago

We took our German Shepherd, that is less than social, as a new patient. We have struggled trying to get an ear problem improved. Dr. Emily Benedict was awesome. She was patient and spent a lot of time with us explaining everything. We ended up having a minor surgery and it ended up being a little bit beyond closing time. We were never rushed by the staff. This was a much better experience for our pet and us than we were having at our last vet. This is a very nice large facility with drinks and snacks for us humans. I can highly recommend not only Dr. Benedict but the entire staff

Kayla Wrasman
Kayla Wrasman
posted 5 months ago

Our dogs love going and they saved our older dog's life when she had an allergic reaction 💕

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