Is Your Cat Dehydrated?

Cats are pros at masking pain. If it’s not something obvious like a broken leg or battle wound, it can be tough to tell when our feline friends aren’t feeling right. Dehydration is an issue that’s tough to detect, yet it can pose a serious problem. So it’s important to know what to look [...]

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What Is Canine Influenza (Dog Flu) and Why Are Vaccinations So Important?

Many pet parents realize they can catch the flu during the chilly winter months. They wash their hands and take vaccinations to avoid getting sick. Unfortunately, most owners don’t know their dogs can also get dog flu. Canines can spread the flu, just like human beings do when they’re in close contact with one [...]

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The 411 on Cat Food and Feline Nutrition

Cats have specific and complex nutritional requirements which are best met by complete and balanced commercial cat foods. ‘Complete and balanced’ means the food meets the standards published by the Feline Nutrition Expert Committee of the AAFCO- the Association of American Feed Control Officials. Through feeding trials or an analysis of ingredients, the certification [...]

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Help! My Ferret Ate Something He Shouldn’t Have!

Smart, wriggly, and endlessly entertaining! Ferrets are full of boundless energy and overwhelming curiosity. Unfortunately, that endearing combination of curiosity, energy, and litheness can lead them into some dangerous situations. It can also put them in situations where they may eat something they shouldn’t! There are many items which your curious ferret should never [...]

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6 Steps You Can Take If Your Cat Has Destructive Separation Anxiety

Many people believe that cats are very independent. They often don’t realize that cats can experience separation anxiety. However, cats are social and they do become attached to their owners. Many cats are anxious when they’re left alone. When cats become anxious, they often act out in destructive ways. They may act aggressively, knock [...]

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