Dental Care

Dental care

At Tipp City Veterinary Hospital, we do cat and dog dental care differently. Our mission is to help pets live their best life through extraordinary care.  To further that goal, our highly trained staff are committed to restoring your pet’s mouth to full health. Dental disease is more than just a cosmetic issue: it injures the liver, kidneys, and heart. In turn, this shortens our cats’ and dogs’ lifespans and hurts their quality of life.

What do we do differently?

A complete physical and oral exam

Firstly, our doctors perform complete physical exams to ensure the health and safety of our patients and create personalized plans. Then, under anesthesia veterinary nurses and doctors perform a complete oral exam. This complete oral exam allows us to identify all visible issues in the mouth.

Safe and comfortable anesthesia

We can’t explain to pet’s what and why we are doing this procedure. Anesthesia provides comfort, safety, and stress relief for your pet for a pain free experience. Dental care can’t happen without it! Rest assured, anesthesia is tailored to your pet and and any medical conditions.

Before anesthesia, blood work allows us to identify any health issues that we can’t see on our physical exam. It also makes anesthesia a safer and more comfortable process.

During anesthesia, all pets are comprehensively monitored by a licensed and well trained professional before and after anesthesia.

Full mouth dental radiographs

Only about a third of the tooth is visible above the gumline! Dental care is not complete without radiographs. They allow identification of any issues below the gumline.  We perform radiographs at no additional cost if you schedule your pet’s procedure the same day that a procedure is recommended by a veterinarian.

Restoring your pet’s mouth to a clean and healthy state 

Cleaning and polishing restores healthy teeth and gum tissue and freshens pets’ breath by removing unhealthy plaque, tartar, and infection.

Follow up care and consultation

We provide complete updates and instructions; included in the procedure is a discussion of home dental care as well as a complimentary evaluation of healing and progress.

Patient DependentDental care

Tooth extractions and surgery

Unfortunately, sometimes tooth extraction is necessary.   Removal prevents further decay, infection, and damage; this in turn relieves pain and improves pets’ quality of life. We safely and completely address the problematic teeth.

Tooth extractions range in complexity; some require up to an hour of operation time. We properly close the surgery site, ensuring your pet’s comfort. This will ensure proper healing and prevent quick return of dental disease.  

Pain management

We provide comprehensive pain management including local anesthesia (numbing) and pain medication.

Ready to schedule your cat or dog’s dental care? We look forward to helping your pet! Contact us today.



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Google Reviews
Bob Callender
Bob Callender
posted 1 week ago

There are many Vets to choose from in our area. Most are good but if your pet is as much of a part of your family as Ava is to our family the choice is clear. This place offers amazing care. They offer it all from puppy start up, routine check ups and any emergency that may arise. We use all of their services: Vet services, Logging and Daycare.

Nicole Inman
Nicole Inman
posted 3 weeks ago

If I could give this office 6 stars, I would! I moved to Ohio last year and couldn’t have chosen a better vet to take my dog to. Dr. Jacob is the absolute best! He clearly has a genuine sense of care and compassion for all animals. He answers all my questions honestly and it truly feels like he considers his patients as his own pets. The lodging/boarding here is also amazing! I don’t think my dog wanted to come home😄 Highly, highly recommend!

Balanced Perceptions, LLC
Balanced Perceptions, LLC
posted 4 months ago

We took our German Shepherd, that is less than social, as a new patient. We have struggled trying to get an ear problem improved. Dr. Emily Benedict was awesome. She was patient and spent a lot of time with us explaining everything. We ended up having a minor surgery and it ended up being a little bit beyond closing time. We were never rushed by the staff. This was a much better experience for our pet and us than we were having at our last vet. This is a very nice large facility with drinks and snacks for us humans. I can highly recommend not only Dr. Benedict but the entire staff

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