10 Ways for Your Dog to Rest Easy on a Raised Bed

portrait of a Beagle sleeping on raised bed

Is your dog dreaming of the perfect afternoon nap? Not sure which luxurious pet bed is best for your furry friend? Tipp City Veterinary Hospital is here to help! Before you hit the snooze button, consider these 10 benefits to raised dog beds vs. traditional flat beds.

1.) Comfort Fit for Good Boys and Girls

Imagine the difference between a sleeping bag and relaxing in a king-sized, comfort mattress. Traditional dog beds fall flat — literally. Just like their human companions, dogs can suffer from a variety of aches and pains due to prolonged periods of lying on the floor. It’s important to consider both the amount of time our best furry friends spend sprawling on hard surfaces and how to create a better environment for rest.

Raised pet beds provide higher quality comfort without the added “fluff.” A firm support system is far superior to a lumpy, soft stuffed bed when it comes to providing even support for your sleeping beauty. Giving your dog a well-deserved break after a long run, hike, or simply a lazy afternoon will keep them fetching farther and wagging longer.

2.) Snug and Secure

In fact, most dogs prefer elevated nests over a standard floor mat when given the choice. Raised beds cater to your dog’s natural instinct to find a den of their own and can be especially helpful for younger dogs who are weaning off crates. Both outdoor and indoor dogs need a designated place to escape the chaos of a home or yard. Ground level beds do not provide the same level of security and often leave pets feeling vulnerable and restless.

Remember, even the sweetest Pomeranian is a wolf at heart! Being low to the ground can create anxiety as wild instincts tell our fur-babies that predators may be lurking around every sofa leg. Satisfying your dog’s natural desire for a safe place encourages calm and good behavior.

3.) Don’t Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Hard surfaces such as floors (even carpet), grass, and linoleum can take a toll on your pet’s ongoing health and wellness. Investing in a high quality dog bed is well worth the preventative benefits a supportive bed can have. Elevated comfort takes the pressure off your dog’s joints. Hips, knees, shoulders, and ankles all suffer from the strain of both lying on hard, flat surfaces for prolonged periods and rising.

This is especially important for senior dogs who often have trouble getting up and down. A short step up bed is far easier to manage. Not only does climbing onto a raised bed encourage your older pup to stretch their legs, but stepping down prevents the creaking joints and potential for slipping that owners dread.

4.) Breeder’s Choice

A raised bed is a must for large breeds prone to hip dysplasia and chronic arthritis. Likewise, smaller breeds with short legs are prone to a variety of joint disease. By starting your dog out with a raised bed from puppyhood to super seniordom, you can ensure a lifetime of walks, romps, and play dates — without worrying about mobility issues.

5.) Temperature Controlled

One of the biggest benefits of a raised dog bed is the improved temperature control. For outside dog houses and kennels, this is a key aspect in making sure your dog stays comfortable, safe, and healthy. Flat beds easily absorb intense heat, cold, and moisture from the ground. With a raised bed, the temperature remains stable and your best furry friend stays warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

6.) Easy to Clean

Traditional dog beds are plush, porous germ monsters! They absorb dirt and moisture, wearing out quickly and often needing replacement every year. Washing your dog’s bed can be an even bigger challenge. Stuffing is often left misshapen and clumpy after the first few washes. Spot washing can be even worse as a quick scrub fails to deep clean the dense material (as a quick sniff often proves!).

Raised pet beds are easy to clean and need to be replaced less frequently. Sheet covers for raised beds are easy to pop in the wash and minimize the amount of wayward pet dander in the air. Elevated nests are the perfect solution for allergy sufferers and indoor pets! These kinds of beds cut down significantly on airborne allergens so you and your dog can breathe a little easier.

7.) Adventure Ready

Raised dog beds are lightweight and compact, ready for road trips or day trips. They’re the perfect design to pop in the car. They’re great for apartments and condos, as well as pets on the go. The easy folding design does not require the space or the hassle of a traditional, bean bag style bed. Dogs and their pet parents will love the stress free, portable simplicity!

8.) #StyleGoals

We get it. Worn, smelly pet beds are a staple of every dog lover’s home. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a stylish, chic alternative?

Look no farther! Raised pet beds come in a variety of pawsitively adorable designs and colors. These beds look more like furniture, so they blend nicely with any decor. Better yet, the underside of the bed provides the perfect storage area for stashing toys and pillows!

9.) Custom Comfort

At Tipp City Veterinary Hospital, we’re pretty sure every dog is as unique as their human! Flat dog beds may boast a variety of sizes, but unfortunately even the best orthopedic pet bed offers a cookie cutter design that isn’t a perfect fit for every breed of pup.

With a raised bed, owners have the option of choosing from tiny to extra large and everything in between. The same support and comfort is guaranteed at every size.

10.) No Chew, No Stress

If you’ve ever come home to find your dog’s brand-new bed has become a work of modern art scattered across the floor, this may be a sure sign that it’s time for a bed upgrade. Raised pet beds do not contain the same tempting stuffing that dogs love to chew. Durable, high quality materials assure your pet gets a peaceful rest — and saves the playtime for later.

Let us know why your dog loves his or her bed and contact us today for your next visit!

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Valerie Beverly
Valerie Beverly
posted 1 month ago

I was looking for a new vet and a friend recommended this place. I usually like "homier" places, but all of the staff were so nice and I absolutely loved the vet. They gave options without pushing to do the most expensive thing... a HUGE plus!! Got a call the next day on our doggy's blood tests.

Kristen Nyman
Kristen Nyman
posted 4 weeks ago

I had to put my dog chewy to sleep on Saturday September 14, 2019 and the doctor and staff were very nice and comforting! I'm really glad we went here. It was a very hard and difficult day but they made it a little easier. Thank you so very much!

Russell Bennett
Russell Bennett
posted 2 months ago

VERY wonderful experience. They were very compassionate with our needs in a trying time with our animal and gave us many options without pushing us to do things that were not necessary. Thank You to all the staff and hoping your great success with a growing needs to help others in the way you helped us.

Colleen Reilly
Colleen Reilly
posted 3 weeks ago

The fact that Tipp City Vet opens at 7:30 and stays open until 6 during the week is awesome for people who work during the day - convenient to drop off and pick up! They have taken excellent care of my labradoodle and are always very friendly, caring, and helpful. Highly recommend!

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