The first time grooming visit for a pet can be a wonderful, calming and fulfilling experience, if done correctly. There are many breeds such as poodles, yorkies, schnauzers and shih tzu’s that will require regular grooming throughout their lives to help maintain their health and appearance. The best idea is to start getting your pet used to the groomer when they are young so they can learn that grooming can be fun and exciting and not overwhelming and scary.

Start your pet out with regular visits to your Veterinarian to make sure they are healthy and up to date on all important vaccines. This will get them used to the car ride and teach them that trips can be fun! Give your pet small treats for good behavior and make sure everyone gets a chance to pet and adore him/her. You can also take your pet for a visit to the groomer so they can have the chance to smell and hear what goes on in the grooming room in a typical day. Again, reward your pet for being calm, curious and relaxed.

Mini Grooming Sessions

Once your pet has had at least two rounds of puppy vaccines administered, you can schedule them for a “mini” grooming session. The groomer will place your pet on the table and begin to brush/comb their coat out. The pet will then have their nails trimmed and be given a warm bath with lots of massages and scratching in itchy areas. Once the bath is complete, you may wish to have the pet’s coat blow-dried. This may cause some stress to pets initially, but our professional groomer is very good at introducing pets to the loud sounds and the strange feeling of the dryer and they will become comfortable with it in no time!

After they are dried, most pets need to be brushed out one more time and if the experience is going well they can have some additional trimming done to get them used to the sound and sight of scissors. All that’s left at this point is a bow or bandanna, a treat and they are ready to go!

Cats Too!

Don’t forget your cat when thinking about grooming. Most cats can take care of their own grooming but there are instances when you may want to schedule them an appointment. Overweight or senior cats aren’t always able to groom themselves the way they should and getting them used to the groomer is a great idea. Some cat owners enjoy their long-haired feline friends but want to do a special “lion cut” in the warmer months. Follow the same rules with cats and kittens as you would with puppies and a great experience is in store for everyone involved!

Sometimes cats that come in for grooming may get very stressed and not react well. In these cases, they may need to be sedated for their grooming experience. We will contact you if this is the case and get your permission if it is recommended that your cat be sedated. The pet will be under close supervision by our Veterinarian and Technicians while they are under anesthesia.