A happy cat means a happy owner and vice versa, right? In many ways, cats are just like humans, requiring many of the same basic necessities. Create a cozy space for your cat, exercise, eat right, and do more to keep you and your cat the best of friends.

Contrary to popular belief, cats need just as much attention as dogs. In fact, a recent study found that less than half of feline companions receive regular visits to their veterinarian. That’s an alarming number of cats not receiving the care they need and deserve.

Because cats are so low maintenance and don’t require regular walks or trips to the park, people often mistake them for not needing as much love and care as dogs, but that’s quite the opposite!

Along with the basic wellness checks, cats also crave attention and love from their owners. After all, their humans are likely the only interaction they have most of the time.

Tips for a Healthy and Happy Cat

1. Preventative Care

Just like humans and other pets, cats require regular veterinarian visits. Skipping these visits or ignoring signs that your cat should be seen by a vet isn’t good for the health of the animal.

While cats won’t show vulnerability as much as dogs, it’s important that owners are intuitive to their cat’s regular behaviors so they can notice when they seem a bit off.

Regular visits to the veterinarian should take place once per year or as advised by your vet. During your visit, be sure to note any concerns you may have about your cat and get any questions you have answered.

2. Food

There’s a great debate over what type of food is best for cats. No matter what you choose, the best food is nourishing, high-quality food – preferably one that’s approved by your veterinarian.

A well-fed, nourished cat is a happy one. Not one that subsists on subpar food and table scraps.

Think about it: If you ate fast food every single day, you would feel pretty sluggish and down in the dumps. The same is true for felines (and other pets!).

What you put in is what you get out, so make sure you are feeding your cat healthy, nourishing food so they feel their best.

3. Playtime

Cats don’t require a jog around the block or a trip to the park to exert themselves, but they should have their own toys they can use to entertain themselves.

Small balls with bells on the inside or teasers they can chase around will help them release any pent-up energy they may have.

An unexercised cat can mean big trouble for the inside of your home. If cats aren’t exercised properly, they can resort to destructive behaviors such as clawing furniture, chewing or tearing objects, and other bad cat behaviors.

Playtime is also a great opportunity to socialize, bond, and engage with your cat.

4. Give them space

Just like with humans, cats need their own space, too. Create a space for your cat to hang around, nap, and observe. We recommend having this space in an area where the cat can also have privacy and establish its own territory.

Purchasing a cat tower is an excellent way to give them their own space. Most options have spaces where they can hide, lounge around, and play. A big plus if this space has a litter box, too!

5. Respect

Cats are an interesting breed and can be temperamental. Don’t force your cat to engage with you.

If you try to entice them with toys and food and they don’t show interest, respect your cat and try again later. Leaving them alone when they retreat to their kitty towers or a hiding place is important for a trustworthy relationship.

Unfortunately, many people think that the only items a cat needs are food and water. While those are certainly necessary, they also deserve your attention, love, and care. With these tips, you can your cat can have a healthy, happy, and trusting companionship.

If you have any questions about keeping your pets happy and healthy, don’t hesitate to contact us and ask!