Dangers of Hyperthermia or Heatstroke in Cats

Cute Cat Drinks Water In A Summer Garden On A Hot Day to Stave Off Hyperthermia

Often, there are plenty of conversations about heatstroke or overheating in dogs, but what about hyperthermia in our other furry friends?

Hyperthermia, or heatstroke, is equally dangerous in cats as in dogs. Because both species of pets aren’t able to tell us when they are overheated, it’s important to know the warning signs of high temperatures and what to do to help your pet.

How do cats get overheated?

Hyperthermia occurs when cats are no longer able to self-regulate their temperature.

Overheating, which leads to heat stroke or Hyperthermia, can be caused by several different factors such as over-exertion or an excessively hot environment.

While warm weather does increase the risk of Hyperthermia in cats, they are usually smarter than dogs and will retreat to a cooler, shadier spot. But because cats are mischievous creatures, they can easily get locked in somewhere warm like a shed or greenhouse.

If you have an outside or “working” cat, it’s essential to make sure they have plenty of cool water and a shady place to cool down. Also, double-check any spots where they may be able to hide and possibly be trapped.

Hyperthermia can also result from a spike in fever, due to an adverse reaction to medication or an infected cut or scratch by another cat.

Signs of Hyperthermia

Generally, cats are experts at hiding signs that they are feeling unwell, so it’s difficult to spot a heat-related illness. However, if you do spot any of these signs and notice your cat’s behavior is off, contact your vet immediately.

Here are the signs of high temperatures in cats:

  • Restlessness
  • Panting
  • Constant grooming
  • Red or purple gums
  • Sweaty feet
  • Lethargy
  • Vomiting
  • Staggering

How to treat Hyperthermia in cats

If you suspect your cat of overheating, call your vet immediately or go to an emergency veterinarian clinic. Time is of the essence, and it’s important to bring your feline’s temperature down as quickly as possible.

If your cat is showing signs of heat exhaustion:

  • Take your cat to a cool, shady place. Indoors if possible.
  • Cool down his body temperature by wiping his fur with a cold, wet towel or cloth.
  • Provide access to cold drinking water.
  • Monitor temperature.

A temperature above 103F is quite dangerous and requires immediate veterinarian attention. Anything above 105F is life-threatening and could lead to organ failure or death.

If you have further questions about your cat’s environment and how you can keep him or her safe, please give us a call.

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Shellie DiPietro
Shellie DiPietro
posted 3 days ago

I had a Bearded Dragon who was having trouble breathing and it was Saturday around 1:30 They were able to take my emergency in a half hour. Dr Joel sat with me and went over my Bearded Dragon's whole background and relayed new info I did not know. My dragon got oxygen and seems to be doing better. I feel if they didn't get me in that day my baby would not have made it. Thank You so much! Even tho it is 35 minutes away I may just switch to this vet because it is well worth the drive!

Ciara Mislan
Ciara Mislan
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Dr. Joel is a fantastic vet. I was first introduced to him when he was the only vet I could find to treat my very, very sick dragon. Unfortunately, she didn't make it.

I adopted a new baby dragon and went to see him again. He was absolutely amazing. He went so far as to show me products he recommends on Amazon. He spent a significant amount of time answering my dozens of questions and put me at ease.

If you have a bearded dragon, I highly recommend you see Dr. Joel. He knows what he is doing. My dragons will never see another vet.

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Eileen Watson
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I’m very comfortable leaving my dog at the daycare facility. The people are very caring and professional. My dog is so happy when he gets there that he can’t wait to get out the car which it turns gives me a sense of relief.
His health needs are provided by Tipp Vet who are excellent. In an emergency situation they immediately address my dogs needs. I’m thankful to the entire organization.

Kayla Wrasman
Kayla Wrasman
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Our dogs love going and they saved our older dog's life when she had an allergic reaction 💕

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