Keeping Dogs Safe During Summer Parties

two dogs playing in grass; keeping dogs safe during summer parties

Keeping your dog safe and happy during get-togethers over the summer is an important consideration which should not be overlooked.

Summer is here, and that means more time outdoors and being with family, friends, and our dogs!

When it comes to planning a summer party, dog safety may not be the first thing that comes to mind; it’s an important consideration nonetheless.

Most dog owners are familiar with the warnings about fireworks and summer thunderstorms, but there are a few precautions you can take to make sure these gatherings are safe and enjoyable for your pet, too.

Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe During Parties

1. Make sure your dog can’t escape.

All it takes is one person to leave a door open, and Fido is off roaming the neighborhood. If your dog has roaming tendencies, make sure they’re confined to a smaller indoor space, like a crate or bedroom. Give your guests a head’s up that you have a dog, and they are not to be let out.

Place their bed or crate, food, water, and a few toys in one area of the house so your dog can retreat if necessary. If fireworks are a possibility, consider putting your dog in its crate ahead of time; many dogs go missing after fireworks shows.

Also, it’s a good idea to give them a bone or food-stuffed toys to keep them occupied in their safe space.

2. Keep human food and drinks away.

Remind guests not to give any table food to your dog, especially barbecued meat; it can be greasy and upset a dog’s stomach.

Most importantly, certain foods like onions and grapes can be toxic and should be kept out of reach from dogs. If you have a larger breed, keep plates and dishes toward the center of the table to stay out of reach.

Additionally, keep an eye out for trash that may have fallen out of a bin or off a plate, and make sure all bags are tied well. If your dog is inclined to chew napkins and paper products, this would be his chance to do so!

3. Be aware of dog to dog interaction.

Male dogs, specifically those who are not neutered, are especially territorial around other male dogs. If you’re planning on inviting friends for Fido, make sure they are well socialized and get along with other dogs.

Aggressive or more muscular breeds may react according to their biology, which is entirely normal. Make sure you have some strong humans around if things get out of hand.

Occasional snapping, sniffing, and posturing is typical with all dogs, but if it escalates and becomes aggressive, it’s best to remove the antagonizer from the situation.

Keeping food or toys away from other dogs may help with some of the squabblings. Ultimately, the most important thing is that all dogs get along and stay safe.

As the weather warms, our friends and pups are ready for plans for grand adventures and poolside hangouts, but always consider the safety of your pet. If you have any questions about other things you can do to protect your dog this summer, reach out to us.

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Shellie DiPietro
Shellie DiPietro
posted 3 days ago

I had a Bearded Dragon who was having trouble breathing and it was Saturday around 1:30 They were able to take my emergency in a half hour. Dr Joel sat with me and went over my Bearded Dragon's whole background and relayed new info I did not know. My dragon got oxygen and seems to be doing better. I feel if they didn't get me in that day my baby would not have made it. Thank You so much! Even tho it is 35 minutes away I may just switch to this vet because it is well worth the drive!

Ciara Mislan
Ciara Mislan
posted 4 weeks ago

Dr. Joel is a fantastic vet. I was first introduced to him when he was the only vet I could find to treat my very, very sick dragon. Unfortunately, she didn't make it.

I adopted a new baby dragon and went to see him again. He was absolutely amazing. He went so far as to show me products he recommends on Amazon. He spent a significant amount of time answering my dozens of questions and put me at ease.

If you have a bearded dragon, I highly recommend you see Dr. Joel. He knows what he is doing. My dragons will never see another vet.

Eileen Watson
Eileen Watson
posted 2 months ago

I’m very comfortable leaving my dog at the daycare facility. The people are very caring and professional. My dog is so happy when he gets there that he can’t wait to get out the car which it turns gives me a sense of relief.
His health needs are provided by Tipp Vet who are excellent. In an emergency situation they immediately address my dogs needs. I’m thankful to the entire organization.

Kayla Wrasman
Kayla Wrasman
posted 2 months ago

Our dogs love going and they saved our older dog's life when she had an allergic reaction 💕

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