Dr. Jim and longtime client Elaine Butts were recently featured in an article about the treatments choices many pet owners make.  Click here to read the article on the Dayton Daily News website.

Article Excerpts

…At age 14, Elaine Butts' golden retriever Molson was having trouble getting up and walking around.

Butts didn't wait until her dog's mobility got any worse. She took him to veterinarian James Mathias, who recommended a radical $2,600 procedure with results that couldn't be guaranteed.

Soon Molson was having fat removed from his abdomen. From the fat. stem cells were extracted and then injected into his legs. Days later, Molson was standing up with ease, running and playing.

"I tell you that just gave the dog a new life," said Butts, 43, of Germantown. "Even though he was older, he acted like he was a puppy."