Dr. Jim was recently featured in an article about how stem cell therapy worked for Ruggles, a very active Deutsch Drahthaar. Click here to read the article on the Weekly Record Herald website.Dr. Jim w/ Ruggles and Mr. Dashaw

Article Excerpts

…As it turned out, the solution for Ruggles’ troubles was available within her own body. After X-rays and an examination, Mathias suggested stem cell therapy as opposed to life-long injections. Stem cells taken from her own body fat would help repair the joint damage and not just treat the symptoms, Mathias told them

…Vet-Stem’s brochure says it has worked with hundreds of veterinarians who have treated more than 2,500 horses and 700 dogs with the the therapy. The company cites return of performance level percentages in 70s for the horses and improvement in 80 percent of osteoarthritis in the dogs.

“She’s able to run through corn stubble fields and climb stairs without pain. She can jump into my truck without falling out and she can play again,” Dashaw said.

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– Click here to read the article on the Weekly Record Herald website

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