There’s no denying humanity’s love for cats. We spend hours watching cat videos on YouTube, and according to the American Veterinary Medical Association, more households in the U.S. have cats than dogs! We all know they make great pets! But did you know that it’s scientifically beneficial to own cats? That’s right, according to some studies, simply watching cat videos online can boost a person’s energy and create positive emotions. Now, imagine the benefits if you were watching your own lovable feline entertain you for hours on end.

Cats are Great With Kids

If you have a family and want a pet that will not only behave around your kids, but also be a positive influence, a cat might be the perfect choice for you. Cats get along extremely well with children, and they have positive effects on them as they grow up. According to, cats teach children important social skills and can help them through difficult times.

Cats are Cheaper Than Dogs

Owning a pet is a huge responsibility. Money isn’t the only factor, but it should be considered when deciding which pet to welcome into your home. When comparing cats and dogs, cats won’t affect your wallet nearly as much as a dog will. Cats require less food, are happy with fewer toys (we all know they’re obsessed with boxes) and require less grooming. All of this adds up to more money in your wallet.

Cats are Perfect for Apartment Life

It can be hard, having a pet in an apartment. There’s limited space indoors and no yard outdoors in which animals can run freely. Apartments are also noisier, with people coming and going at all hours. This can make it difficult to have a dog, since they need more space to burn off energy and often bark at neighbors or loud noises. Cats, however, adjust to apartment life with ease. Apartments provide ample space for them, they like to people/bird watch, and they’re quiet even when someone knocks on the door. You might say they’re the purrfect apartment animal.

Cats Are Better for the Environment

If you’re concerned about being Eco-Friendly and reducing your carbon footprint, you should consider a cat over a dog when choosing your pet. A 2009 study found that the resources required to feed a dog throughout the course of its life creates the same eco-footprint as that of a Land Cruiser. Since cats require less food in general, and are more likely to enjoy fish than corn or beef, they create a fraction of the carbon footprint.

Cats are Extremely Intelligent and Could Save Your Life

Cats get a bad rep for being aloof and distant, but in reality, they care greatly about their humans. They’ve saved countless lives over the years by alerting their owners to danger. A cat in the UK warns her human when she’s about to have an epileptic seizure, and another cat in Montana woke up its two humans when a gas pipe started to leak. Firefighters informed the couple that if it weren’t for their cat’s warning, the house could have exploded. Cats, quite literally, have your back.

Cats are Low Maintenance

Dogs are great, but they require a lot of time and effort to keep happy and healthy. They require frequent walks and trips to the groomers. Cats are a bit more relaxed and easygoing. They are content to play indoors and enjoy large amounts of alone time throughout the day. Plus, you don’t have to take them outside in frigid temperatures to go potty, as they conveniently use a litter box.

Cats are Entertaining

Cats love to play, and they’re absolutely adorable when they do. They’re bouncy, happy little balls of fur that will surprise you and keep you entertained for hours. Whether they’re playing with a ball of yarn, a toy at the end of a stick, or chasing a little red laser all over the house, they’re guaranteed to put a smile on your face every time they pounce.

Cats Don’t Make You Feel Guilty

One of the downsides of owning a dog is having to leave them at home when you head off to work. They love you so much it causes them great sadness to see you walk out the door. Looking into their sad eyes as you leave every morning can make you feel guilty all day. Cats, on the other hand, don’t cause such grief and guilt. When you leave in the morning, you can do so without worrying about your cat’s emotional state. Cats love having the house to themselves, and while they’ll be happy to see you’ve returned, they won’t be distraught at your absence. Cats also sleep an average of 15 hours a day, so it’s highly likely your feline will snooze happily the majority of the time you’re away.

Cats Groom Themselves

If you’re a neat freak, cats are your perfect companion. They’re also neat freaks and care about personal hygiene more than most animals. You’ve likely noticed that cats are rarely dirty. That’s because they’re constantly grooming themselves. This habit of theirs not only means you have a clean pet, and therefore a cleaner house, but it also saves you trips to the groomer.

Cats are Good for Your Health

Having a pet in general can elevate your mood and provide you with companionship, but studies have shown that cats actually improve your physical well-being. Cats can help lower your blood pressure and reduce the risk of dying from a heart attack. Having a furry feline is quite literally good for your heart. Both emotionally and physically.

Cats Have Long Lives

There are few things in this world sadder than saying goodbye to our furry companions. Cats might not live forever, despite their nine lives, but they will be around to snuggle for a long time. Cats have an average life-span of twelve years but can live up to sixteen in some circumstances. Knowing your cat will be by your side for many years to come is a very comforting thought.

Cats make wonderful pets and companions. They are adorable, sweet, playful, and provide numerous benefits to their owners. If you’re considering adding a new furry companion to your life, consider making it a cat. If you want to discuss whether a cat is the right choice for your and your family, or you’re looking for quality care for your new feline, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. We look forward to assisting you in this new adventure.