socializationSocialization is a key point in how your puppy will grow into a well-mannered adult.  The first 4-12 weeks seem to be the most important time when the puppy starts to learn sounds, smells, sights, and even begins to make relationships with living beings in its environment.  By proper socialization, you will reduce the possibility of fearful responses, timidness, aggression, and irreversible fears. Here are some tips:

  • Early handling

  • Introduce puppy to as many new people and situations as possible

  • Enroll in puppy classes

  • Take to veterinary office multiple times, even if not getting anything done, just to visit and let the puppy become comfortable within the environment

  • Take lots of walks and have treats to give to strangers to give to your puppy

One of the healthiest things you can do for your puppy is give him lots of love and attention.  Dogs are extremely loyal by nature and are happy when they please you. Puppies can get lonely if you do not spend enough time with them. Dogs benefit from being petted by humans as much as humans do from petting dogs. Spend time with your little companion. Play, talk, pet, and love your puppy. You will both be happier and healthier.

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Valerie Beverly
Valerie Beverly
posted 1 week ago

I was looking for a new vet and a friend recommended this place. I usually like "homier" places, but all of the staff were so nice and I absolutely loved the vet. They gave options without pushing to do the most expensive thing... a HUGE plus!! Got a call the next day on our doggy's blood tests.

Russell Bennett
Russell Bennett
posted 1 month ago

VERY wonderful experience. They were very compassionate with our needs in a trying time with our animal and gave us many options without pushing us to do things that were not necessary. Thank You to all the staff and hoping your great success with a growing needs to help others in the way you helped us.

Kristen Nyman
Kristen Nyman
posted 2 days ago

I had to put my dog chewy to sleep on Saturday September 14, 2019 and the doctor and staff were very nice and comforting! I'm really glad we went here. It was a very hard and difficult day but they made it a little easier. Thank you so very much!

Brandon Silverthorn
Brandon Silverthorn
posted 3 months ago

The entire staff is friendly, professional and genuinely care about the animals and their needs. They provide a clean environment, free of clutter. The animals being boarded seem comfortable and safe. The dogs are separated from the cats.The equipment is up-to-date. They offer payment options, and have an app! WHAT MORE COULD YOU ASK FOR?

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