It’s a common saying that dogs are a man’s best friend; and with good reason. Our dogs become so much more than just pets. They’re a part of our family and bring unspeakable joy to our lives. Dogs are loyal creatures, and it’s our responsibility to be loyal to them in return. Which is why it’s extremely important to care for your dog as best as you can. This includes an annual vet visit. Below you’ll find a list of reasons you should be taking your dog to the vet on a yearly basis.

You’ll Catch Issues Before They Become Major Problems

Most of the time you know when your dog is sick. He or she will give you signs that you need to take action. But that’s not always the case. There have been many circumstances when a dog is extremely sick and yet shows no signs until it’s too late. So although your dog seems in perfect health, they could actually be sick and getting worse every day.

An annual checkup will give you insights into what is truly going on in your dog’s body. During this annual checkup, your vet will check everything; from your dog’s eyes, skin, and teeth to the way her lungs and heart are operating. If there’s anything “off,” your vet should be able to detect it in these appointments.

Many diseases and illnesses can be treated and cured if they’re caught early. Keeping up with yearly appointments can potentially save your dog’s life. And, if your dog is in good health, it’ll give you great peace of mind to truly know. You can’t just guess your dog is happy and healthy. Either way, it’s of vital importance.

Pain Management In Senior Dogs

You love your dog and want her to live a long life by your side. But just as much as you want your dog to grow old, you want her to grow old in happiness and comfort. As your dog ages and her body struggles to function as it once did, it’s important to help her stay comfortable and pain free. It’s common for senior dogs to  suffer problems that we as humans face as we grow older. Their hips and joints start to fail them, and not only can this lead to big medical problems, it can also cause extreme discomfort and, in some cases, severe pain. It’s important to detect these complications early so your dog can be prescribed any pain medications or scheduled for any surgeries that she may need in order to live a full and happy life in her senior years.

Give Yourself More Time With Your Furry Friend

We talked about keeping your dog comfortable and happy during his senior years. Now, let’s talk about how annual vet visits can help extend those years a little longer. It’s no secret that as your dog gets older, medical issues become more consistent. If you’re not regularly taking your dog to the vet, issues that have a treatment or cure could prove fatal to your dog. That’s because most issues your senior dog faces need medications that can only be prescribed by a vet. Without those medications, and the checkups that come along with them, you could cut your time with your furry friend short. Don’t miss out on more time, memories, and cherished moments with your dog by neglecting the annual vet visits that could save his life.

Avoid Boarding and Grooming Complications

If you’re someone who likes to travel, or maybe you have to travel for work, you will need to board your dog. Most boarding companies require you to provide detailed vet records before allowing your fur baby to stay with them. This is to protect the other dogs, as well as your pup, from spreading or contracting any diseases or illnesses.

If your pup’s shots and vaccinations aren’t up to date, you’ll most likely be sent away. So, it’s important to keep up with all necessary vaccinations so you aren’t faced with a time-sensitive situation such as needed to board your dog immediately and being turned away. Most groomers will react the same way to incomplete vet records for the same reasons. So, if you need help keeping your dog’s coat looking shiny and his skin from becoming too dry, you should make sure his vaccinations are up to date at all times.

After the puppy years, most vaccinations are needed yearly, so it’s extremely easy to keep up with all the required shots if you’re taking your dog in once a year. Plus, you ensure that any run-ins with other dogs during boarding stays, grooming sessions, or on your daily walk, don’t result in a contracted illness of some kind.

An Annual Vet Visit Saves You Money in the Long Run

If you catch an illness or joint issue early, you’ll have to buy medication and possibly schedule a small surgery, but the cost will be pennies compared to the medical bills you’ll have to pay if you wait until your dog is truly sick. If a condition is allowed to spread and worsen inside your dog for years, the solution is going to be far more drastic and therefore, much more expensive. In the long run, while yearly checkups and vaccinations will cost you, you will save a considerable amount of money.

Imagine if you didn’t take your car in to be serviced for years. When you finally take it to the shop, you’re going to be stuck with a higher bill because the small issues you ignored created a giant problem. The same is true with your dog. And, unlike your car, your dog is not replaceable. So don’t gamble with her life. Take her to her yearly checkups so that you catch the small issues before they become big problems. Delaying isn’t fair to your wallet, and it’s definitely not fair to your dog.

Remember, Your Dog is Loyal to You. Be Loyal Back.

Your dog trusts you to care for him. He doesn’t have the ability to do it himself. And he can’t always tell you when something is “off.” Don’t disappoint the friend who gets so excited when you come home, who wags his tail when you look at him, who goes on hikes with you or plays fetch in the yard. You are the entire world to your furry friend. So, make sure you give him the best life you possibly can. And the fact is, you simply can’t do that unless you take your dog to the vet annually.

For more information about annual checkups, or to schedule one for your furry friend, please contact us today.