Receive Pet Care from Home

Tipp City Veterinary Hospital is now offering telemedicine (virtual visits) to our current patients with an app called TeleVet! Instead of searching online for pet advice, talk directly to a doctor that knows your pet. With TeleVet, you can easily send virtual consultation requests to us. TeleVet allows you to schedule time directly with a doctor on your time from home; options include texting, video chats, or phone calls!

Telemedicine visits allow you to

  • Minimize stress for nervous pets
  • Save travel, time, and money
  • Avoid risk of COVID-19 exposure
  • Schedule a dedicated time to speak to a doctor
  • Discuss or follow up on medical issues and behavior concerns
  • Have medication ready for pick up or shipped to your house

    From Jenny T.: I used the telehealth option for the first time and it was very convenient and very easy to use. I would highly recommend for anyone who has a pet with a basic need to use this service. I had my visit and got my pet’s prescription in only one day instead of waiting for an in-person appointment and no need to worry about social distancing. 

What sort of appointments are appropriate for telemedicine?

Behavior issues Surgery incision checks Allergies, ears, skin issues
Nutrition discussions Medical progress exams Diarrhea
Medication management of chronic issues like diabetes, including refills Litterbox issues
(except inability to urinate)
Hospice and palliative care discussions for seniors and other ill patients
Issues while traveling Quality of life assessments Other minor illnesses and injuries

Others may be recommended by your pet’s doctor, including reviewing labwork or other diagnostics, following up on issues covered by a Health Assurance Plan, or post-hospitalization follow ups.

Get Started

All devices including smartphones: Navigate your browser to
Smartphones: Download the TeleVet app for Apple or Android.

Need Help?

Guide: Creating an Account
Guide: Creating a Consult


What happens if the doctor tells me an in person exam is needed instead?

We are bound by certain rules by the Ohio Veterinary Medical Licensing Board that may limit how we are able to help you in a specific instance. However, to help you, if your pet’s doctor determines an in person exam is needed, you will receive a credit towards the in person exam. Note: telemedicine appointments are never appropriate for emergencies.

Why does the app require my card information?

Submitting card information helps for two reasons. For one, it helps secure and verify accounts (so there are no spam accounts). Secondly, it also helps secure a consultation. The fee listed is the maximum that we may charge, but the final cost will depend on the complexity and time associated with the case. All fees are less than a traditional in person exam and consultation. Certain consults are always free (see below).

But what about the fee for this…?

Certain consults are always free, including post surgery incision checks, reviewing labwork or other diagnostic tests, video conferencing with a doctor during a curbside exam, and services covered by Health Assurance Plans. For these consultations, the fee will always be waived. Card information is still required to secure and verify accounts and to secure a consultation, but the card will not be charged.

Can I request a specific doctor?

At this time there is not a way to select a particular doctor in the TeleVet app. However, the doctors will sort and assign appointments by whomever is most familiar with the patient and case. If they are not available, rest assured that all doctors at TCVH have full access to your pet’s medical history.

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