Everybody loves a cute pet, but not everyone’s lifestyle is cut out for animals that require a lot of maintenance, like daily walks or trips to the park. If your lifestyle is too busy for a dog or cat, there are plenty of other lovable animals that need a good home. These low-maintenance pets can still be wonderful companions to you and your family.

While they may not require as much maintenance as other pets, this doesn’t mean they can be ignored or left alone, but they can be easy and enjoyable pets to take care of.

Low Maintenance Pets

1. Fish

A small fish is perfect for a busy lifestyle. No need to worry about leashes, play toys, walks, or exercise. Fish practically take care of themselves.

Only a fishbowl and the right food is required for a happy fish. Unless you are growing a large fish tank, most fish need little to no maintenance, except for the occasional cleaning of the fishbowl.

Although fish aren’t exactly cuddlers, they are fascinating creatures to watch and come in all sorts of pretty species and colors.

Before purchasing a fish, make sure to do adequate research on the ideal living conditions and if they socialize with other fish. For example, a Betta Fish prefers to live alone and will become aggressive if placed with other Betta Fish.

2. Reptiles

Two of the most popular reptile housepets are snakes and lizards. While they may not be for everyone, they are gorgeous creatures that are fun to watch.

Much like fish, reptiles aren’t the right animals for cuddling. In many cases, they prefer to be left alone instead of held.

Reptiles require more maintenance than fish as their tanks require a certain size, heat, and humidity level for the animal to thrive.

Corn snakes, Rosy Boas, Ball Pythons, and Leopard Geckos are a few popular reptile sections.

Snakes are especially good escape artists, so be sure the cage is adequately secured. These animals are mostly docile but can become aggressive when they feel threatened.

3. Chinchillas

Who doesn’t love a cute, furry little pet? If you are looking for a pet you can admire and love from afar, Chinchillas are perfect for you.

These cute rodent-like animals look a lot like a mix between a mouse and a hamster. They are social animals, so they love to have another Chinchilla roommate, but require very little in the way of affection as they prefer not to be held.

Chinchillas feast on a diet that can be found at most pet stores.

4. Hamsters

Unlike Chinchillas, hamsters love to be held! They are snuggly and pudgy and are great pets for kids and adults.

They love to cuddle with their humans and will even seek out affection when their humans are around. However, they are just as happy in their cage with fresh water and food, too.

Healthy hamsters should be active with clear and dry eyes. Be sure to do your research on good breeders before bringing one home.

5. Guinea Pigs

Just because they are low maintenance, doesn’t mean they can’t be excellent cuddlers. Like hamsters, these rodents can be quite active and social, forming strong bonds with other Guinea Pigs and their owners.

Much like Chinchillas and Hamsters, they are also social animals and thrive with more than one of its kind as a roommate. This way, they can entertain each other while you are away at work.

They do require out-of-cage exercise each day. Luckily, they can also be housetrained so they can have free roam of a Guinea Pig-proofed space and be trusted to do their business in their cage.

6. Rabbits

Rabbits have been a much-loved pet for years. Rabbit purchases are popular around Easter and springtime as gifts for children. While they are low-maintenance, you should make sure your family is prepared to welcome a rabbit into your home.

All they really need is a large cage, food, water, and daily exercise to burn off their energy. There are many different breeds of rabbits, so make sure you do your research before bringing one home.

Like Guinea Pigs, rabbits are also easily housetrained, which is a plus when they are allowed to roam your home.

7. Rats

Rats are probably the lowest maintenance pet. For obvious reasons, these aren’t exactly a fan favorite, but these small and cute little rodents can be very lovable and fun to have around.

Obviously, a pet rat should be purchased from a breeder or reputable pet store and not caught in the wild. Rats bred in captivity are very happy little creatures that will entertain you for hours.

They are happy being gently cradled by their humans or hanging out in their cage snacking on rat pellets.

Getting a pet doesn’t always mean a dog or cat. If your lifestyle is too busy for the daily care of a typical pet, explore other options that will still bring joy to your life.

If you have questions about which animals are best suited for your lifestyle, give our office a call.