A physical exam is important because it gives the veterinarian a chance to thoroughly examine your pet from nose to tail and to see if there are any changes or abnormalities in your pet’s overall health. Each of the following body systems are examined:

  •  Musculoskeletal system: Checks body condition score (BCS), any limping or abnormalities with movement
  •  Ears/Eyes: Checks for abnormalities such as infection, debris, and inflammation.
  •  Neurologic: Check overall attitude, puppies should be bright, alert, responsive.
  •  Skin: Check for any external parasites, rash, infection, etc.
  •  Respiratory: Makes sure lungs are clear with normal respiratory rate.
  •  Heart: No heart abnormalities and normal heart rate.
  •  Urogenital: Check urinary system and genitalia for any abnormalities.
  •  Lymph Nodes: Check enlargement of lymph nodes.

If your pet seems have pain, your veterinarian will discuss this with you at the time of your visit.