Regenerative Medicine

At Tipp City Veterinary Hospital, cutting-edge platelet rich plasma and stem cell therapies offer an innovative approach to treating arthritis in animals. Leveraging the body’s natural healing powers with these safe techniques can provide relief for pets suffering from different degenerative conditions within days – putting bounce back into their step!

The Basics

Worried about the number of pills your beloved pet has to take for their pain? Opting in for innovative regenerative medicine could give them sustained long-term relief. This procedure is minimally invasive and uses an injection composed of the animal’s own cells to help heal damaged or diseased tissues. Give a better quality of life back to your furry friend by exploring this exciting new medical technology!

Tipp City Veterinary Hospital uses a concentrated form of platelets (PRP) or fat-derived adult stem cells to treat both traumatic and degenerative diseases, including injured tendons and ligament injuries, osteoarthritis, and osteochondral defects in dogs and cats.

Minimally Invasive – Quicker Recovery

We are very excited about this new treatment option. It is minimally invasive and has great potential for healing some of our more difficult cases. We collect 2 tablespoons of fat from the patients and send it to the lab where the cells are concentrated and sent back for treatment in 2 days.

―Dr. Jim Mathias

Put the Brakes on Degeneration

Degenerative conditions, such as arthritis and hip dysplasia which have been managed with pain relievers and joint protectors can now be treated with this new technology.

What is unique about this new treatment option is that it can actually promote new, healthy tissue formation where previously we were just trying to protect the damaged tissue and provide pain management. Also, we get the benefit of stem cell therapy without the chance of rejection because we are using the patent’s own cells.

―Dr. Nick Mathias

This technology avoids both the problems of rejection and the ethical concerns that many people consider when discussing stem cell therapy.

Because we are using the patient’s own cells and not embryonic stem cells, there are no ethical or moral concerns, we are simply using the patients own natural stem cells and helping the body use them. With this new technique, patients can have signs of progress within weeks with lasting effects. The process takes several days and is an outpatient procedure.

―Dr. Jacob Mathias


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