a dog outdoors with a bee hovering over its snout; why do dogs eat bees?

Has your dog ever eaten a bee? If they have, you are aware of the concerning, yet adorable, transformation of their sweet little faces into puffy, swollen snouts. So, why do they eat bees, and what should you do if your dog chows down on one?

If you aren’t familiar with the look, a quick search on Google will result in loads of hilarious photos of dogs who have had close encounters with bees. While it’s adorable and quite funny, a bee sting can lead to a more serious reaction from your canine. Read More »

Funny marbled cat plays with a feather, scottish kitten plays with a cat toy

There’s nothing cuter than watching your cat or kitten pounce around on the floor with their favorite toys. A cat’s curiosity is always entertaining!

But cat toys aren’t all fun and games. Playing with toys has real health benefits for cats and kittens. It helps them maintain a healthy weight, boost their mood, avoid chronic health conditions, and keep them mentally sharp!

Like humans completing word puzzles and strategy games, cats also need to limber up their brains with fun and engaging activities.

Plus, playing with your cat can strengthen your relationship, too. Check out a few excellent recommendations for fun toys for you and your feline friend!Read More »

portrait of happy cat with closed eyes and young bearded man. Young man is cuddling his cute Devon Rex Kitten.

A happy cat means a happy owner and vice versa, right? In many ways, cats are just like humans, requiring many of the same basic necessities. Create a cozy space for your cat, exercise, eat right, and do more to keep you and your cat the best of friends.

Contrary to popular belief, cats need just as much attention as dogs. In fact, a recent study found that less than half of feline companions receive regular visits to their veterinarian. That’s an alarming number of cats not receiving the care they need and deserve.

Because cats are so low maintenance and don’t require regular walks or trips to the park, people often mistake them for not needing as much love and care as dogs, but that’s quite the opposite!

Along with the basic wellness checks, cats also crave attention and love from their owners. After all, their humans are likely the only interaction they have most of the time.Read More »

Young couple in medical surgical masks holding walks with dog in the summer park; socializing during pandemic

How to socialize your dog during a pandemic

Social distancing provides many challenges for everyone, including dogs. Family pets quickly become accustomed to their unique routines and environments, and social distancing makes it difficult to expose pets to new people, places, activities, and experiences.

Whether a dog is new to the family or a loyal friend, a puppy, or an adult dog, socializing is an important part of responsible dog ownership. Socialization helps dogs prepare for interactions with different types of people, places, and activities.

Dogs who haven’t been socialized properly may become aggressive, territorial, or skittish in situations that are outside their normal lifestyle. Read More »

Google Reviews
Karen Faler
Karen Faler
posted 1 month ago

I love taking my dog to doggy daycare. The associates at the front desk are so very kind, more like amazing. When I bring my dog in for doggy daycare they are excited to see him. I love watching the dogs play on the live stream, such a great feature. My dog loves playing with the other dogs and sometimes he has to much fun. Abby as well as the other girls, but especially Abby, does a great job with my dog and knows when he needs a rest period. I whole heartedly recommend Tipp to Tail Pet Resort and Spa.

Holly Brubaker
Holly Brubaker
posted 6 days ago

We were looking for a vet that was caring and made us feel that our dog mattered to them. Dr. Emily Benedict is very knowledgeable and really listened to us. She was very compassionate. The whole staff made us feel welcome from the time we arrived and beyond.

Kayla Wrasman
Kayla Wrasman
posted 8 months ago

Our dogs love going and they saved our older dog's life when she had an allergic reaction 💕

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