dog sick with dog flu

Many pet parents realize they can catch the flu during the chilly winter months. They wash their hands and take vaccinations to avoid getting sick. Unfortunately, most owners don’t know their dogs can also get dog flu. Canines can spread the flu, just like human beings do when they’re in close contact with one another.

In today’s Tipp City Veterinary Hospital blog, you’ll learn about canine influenza. Pet owners will find out about the illnesses symptom’s, effective treatments, and how to prevent the dog flu.
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Happy Dog Running In Winter Snow

Tipp City sees more than its fair share of inclement winter weather. Every year, our area receives an average of more than 19.8 inches of snow.

Some dog owners wonder how they can keep their dogs fit, happy, and active when the snow begins falling outside. Tipp City Veterinary Hospital has several fun ideas for pet parents who want to exercise their furry pals during icy winter months.
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Various Dry And Wet Cat Food.

Cats have specific and complex nutritional requirements which are best met by complete and balanced commercial cat foods. ‘Complete and balanced’ means the food meets the standards published by the Feline Nutrition Expert Committee of the AAFCO- the Association of American Feed Control Officials. Through feeding trials or an analysis of ingredients, the certification ‘complete and balanced’ by the AAFCO on the cat food label means the food will give essential nutrition which meets the needs of the cat at the developmental level on the label — kitten, adult, or senior.
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lethargic beagle; cancer signs in dogs

If you’re like many dog owners, then it’s likely your furry friend is part of the family. You do everything in your power to keep them happy and healthy. However, many people don’t want to think about the possibility of their dog getting cancer; they are then not aware of the cancer signs they can look out for indicating their dog may be sick. While cancer is not a fun subject to talk about, the risk that your dog will get cancer will drastically increase as they age. In fact, it is believed as many as 50% of dogs over the age of 10 will develop cancer.

Successful cancer treatment is often contingent on discovering the disease as early as possible; this makes it critical that pet parents are aware of signs indicating their dog may have cancer so they can get them the proper treatment. Dogs cannot express when it is in pain or discomfort; it becomes their human’s responsibility to look out for any changes which could signal a problem. Here are a few signs you can look out for in your dog which can indicate they may have cancer. Read More »

Google Reviews
Ashley Farrer
Ashley Farrer
posted 1 month ago

Honestly they were wonderful, they were very nice and caring and took very good care of my baby. They also made sure I understood what was going on. Even after everything they let me call and answered any questions or concerns that I had until I felt better as well.

Donna Hughes
Donna Hughes
posted 2 weeks ago

They are the best when it comes to taking care of our furry babies =)
Great customer service and they are wonderful with both our dogs and cat. Thank you all
For the hugs, belly rubbs, and loving our fur family. We moved 3 years ago yet we will continue the 45 minute drive for this kind of family friendly service.

Judy Bayes
Judy Bayes
posted 4 months ago

Highly recommend!!!
Annie, my Golden Retriever Mix, is not a patient there, but got both her Flu vaccines at Tipp City Vet.
The First one, was at their drive up clinic and the second one at their office.
Both were fantastic experiences! The staff (Dr Jim Mathias, the Vet Techs, and Front office) were all super friendly, professional, and great with Annie! And they were very accommodating too, as I had to change my appointment a few times, in order to fit my ever changing schedule.
If I didn’t already have a vet that I love, and am very loyal to; I would definitely make the 30 minute drive to their office!

Mike Quakenbush
Mike Quakenbush
posted 3 months ago

Always happy with the staff. Lots of space so the pets can have their own space. The most honest Dr.s ever. These people truly care, they aren’t just trying to make money off of you. They want what’s best for your pet.

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