Whether you have allergy concerns or simply don’t want to have to vacuum constantly, selecting a dog breed with a low-maintenance coat can make bringing a pet into your life easier. Here are seven breeds that promise to bring all the love with none (or at least a lot less of) the fuzz. 

Yorkshire Terrier

There’s a whole lot of personality tucked into this tiny package. While Yorkshire Terriers (or Yorkies, as they are affectionately known) only grow to weigh about seven pounds, they are smart, independent dogs with a lot of energy. Yorkies have a single coat and very little shedding. They do tend to get cold easily and need lots of early socialization to ensure that they become friendly adults. 

Portuguese Water Dog

The Portuguese Water Dog received a lot of attention when the Obama family chose Bo as the First Dog. This breed makes an excellent family dog because they are loving and very friendly. One of their claims to fame is their webbed feet, a genetic feature that hints to their water-heavy background. They were originally bred to work on fishing boats and were even sent as messengers between boats. Today, much of that energy remains, and this medium-sized dog (35-60 pounds) will need a lot of daily exercise.

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Dr. Jacob Mathias

Dr. Jim and I recently went to a presentation about ticks and came away with some interesting information that has changed my recommendations for tick preventatives for pets.

I am now recommending Simparica for all dogs, year round!  Here is the information that made me change my mind.

Tick Information:

Ticks carry a variety of diseases and take 24 to 72 hours depending on the disease to transmit that disease. If you kill the tick before 24 hours then disease transmission should not be able to take place.

To get labeled as killing ticks you have to show that you can kill them within 48 to 72 hours, but you can still get diseases in that time frame.

Bravecto is good at killing most ticks within 24 hours for the first month then it drops dramatically.

Nexgard is NOT good at killing ticks within 24 hours.

Simparica kills ticks within 24 hours until about 30 days!

There are tick species that thrive in urban environments.

Certain tick species are most active in the winter.

There are tick species that will hunt down a host.

Some tick species will infest a home, living in the walls.

There are 3 stages of ticks, and you can only see 1 of those stages, which means there are 2 stages of ticks that are too small to see on yourself and your pets. All stages feed and spread disease. Ticks are only on an animal for hours to days, unlike fleas which are on them for months so you probably wont seem them!

There have been 5 different tick species that have been found in Ohio:

Dermacentor – American Dog Ticks – These ticks thrive in urban environments. As long as there is a little bit of grass they will be in the area.

Ixodes – Deer Ticks – These spread Lyme disease and are most active from October to February.

Rhipicephalus – Brown Dog Tick – These prefer dogs for all life stages and can colonize a house and live in the walls.

Amblyomma maculatum – Gulf Coast Ticks – These are the hardest to kill and have recently been found in Ohio.

Amblyomma americanum – Lone Star Ticks – These will hunt for a host and have become common in our area.

Frequent Asked Questions:

Do they live in my area? Yes, it doesn’t matter if you are in the city or the country, they are in our area.

Why don’t I see them? They are not on the animal for that long and most stages are too small to see.

We don’t have any trees, am I still at risk? Ticks don’t live in treats, they live in smaller vegetation about ankle high.

If I only stay on the trail, Im safe right? No because they will actually hunt for hosts.

Do I need to treat in the winter? Yes, ticks are active year round and you are most likely to get lyme disease in the winter months.

Max Powers is a six year old Dachshund mix diagnosed in December with Intervertebral Disc Disease. His symptoms started out with limitations in mobility, lethargy and pain. Very quickly, his symptoms deteriorated and he was unable to walk and was experiencing a significant amount of pain. Dr. Jacob quickly diagnosed him with IVDD after a radiograph showed narrowing space and increased opacity in his spinal cord. Max was put on pain medications, steroids, strict cage rest to help the muscles tighten, and a round of laser therapy.

Unfortunately, after starting the medications, Max showed no signs of improvement. A surgical procedure had been recommended and Dr. Jim took on the task of performing a Dorsal Laminectomy to help relieve the compression on his spine. Max’s procedure was performed on January 3rd. The following video was taken January, 10th, just one week after his surgery.


Max’s owner just called today to say that he is walking on his own and is able to go outside to go potty and find his food in the kitchen. She still uses the sling for his safety, but he is recovering at a remarkable speed. From the diagnosis, treatment and surgical intervention, Max has been a little medical miracle for us and we are all so happy that he is doing so well. We think Max Powers is a pretty appropriate name for this remarkable little guy!


The first grooming visit for a pet can be a wonderful, calming and fulfilling experience, if done correctly. There are many breeds such as poodles, yorkies, schnauzers and shih tzu’s that will require regular grooming throughout their lives to help maintain their health and appearance. The best idea is to start getting your pet used to the groomer when they are young so they can learn that grooming can be fun and exciting and not overwhelming and scary.

Start your pet out with regular visits to your Veterinarian to make sure they are healthy and up to date on all important vaccines. This will get them used to the car ride and teach them that trips can be fun! Give your pet small treats for good behavior and make sure everyone gets a chance to pet and adore him/her. You can also take your pet for a visit to the groomer so they can have the chance to smell and hear what goes on in the grooming room in a typical day. Again, reward your pet for being calm, curious and relaxed.
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Susan Bailey
Susan Bailey
posted 4 days ago

Amazing Boarding facilities! Immaculately clean and odor free! They provided us with a tour prior to our first boarding so we could make an informed decision about who to trust with the care of our little guy. Everyone has had that one experience where they can't enjoy their vacation because they are worried if their pet is being taken care of properly! We now can actually enjoy our time away knowing that our little pup is very well taken care of! And they have a text line you can use for updates! They make you feel like your pet is just as important to them as they are. to you. Give them a won't be sorry! If Barkley could talk, he would say... I'm a happy camper! Thank you mom and dad for bringing me here!

Kayla Purnell
Kayla Purnell
posted 4 weeks ago

We had to put our dog of 14 years down. The doctor and staff here were so incredibly compassionate. The doctor took the time to explain everything that would happen. The treatment we received here was amazing and I would recommend to anyone.

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