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We love our pets and can’t stand to think about them being sick or injured. Unfortunately, accidents or illnesses can afflict even the most beloved and well-cared for pet. The most loving thing you can do for your pet is to be prepared just in case something does happen. Knowing when it’s appropriate to call your vet can help reduce your own stress when a crisis hits.
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non-shedding dog breeds

We all love our dogs, and who wouldn’t? In a dog, you have a friend for life that loves you unconditionally. A dog is always happy to see you no matter what and provides companionship when you are lonely, joins in on your happiness, and overall, is always there for you. When a dog sheds, however, it can be quite difficult to keep the environment free from hair. Fortunately, there are several non-shedding dog breeds so you can spend more time with your pet and less time with the vacuum!
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flea treatment

If you are a dog or cat owner then you know how insidious fleas can be.  These parasitic insects can infest your pet’s coat, causing her to scratch excessively and making her life miserable. Fleas can be an issue all year long, but spring and summer are especially troublesome because this is when flea populations explode.  And if one of your animals is infected, then there is a good chance that your other animals are infected, too.

So what do these little parasites look like?  Adult fleas are reddish-brown and less than 1/8th of an inch long.  They have three pairs of legs, the last pair designed for jumping. In fact, fleas can jump up to seven inches across and 13 inches high.  They regularly jump on and off of hosts and start feeding within seconds of landing on a new one. The flea mouth is specially designed to pierce an animal’s skin and suck blood.

Normally two flea species infest domestic cats and dogs.  Ctenocephalides felis is the species most often found on cats, and Ctenocephalides canis is the species usually found on dogs. Fleas, though, are not terribly particular, and either species can infect either cats or dogs.

What are the signs that your pet has fleas?

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Whether you have allergy concerns or simply don’t want to have to vacuum constantly, selecting a dog breed with a low-maintenance coat can make bringing a pet into your life easier. Here are seven breeds that promise to bring all the love with none (or at least a lot less of) the fuzz. 

Yorkshire Terrier

There’s a whole lot of personality tucked into this tiny package. While Yorkshire Terriers (or Yorkies, as they are affectionately known) only grow to weigh about seven pounds, they are smart, independent dogs with a lot of energy. Yorkies have a single coat and very little shedding. They do tend to get cold easily and need lots of early socialization to ensure that they become friendly adults. 

Portuguese Water Dog

The Portuguese Water Dog received a lot of attention when the Obama family chose Bo as the First Dog. This breed makes an excellent family dog because they are loving and very friendly. One of their claims to fame is their webbed feet, a genetic feature that hints to their water-heavy background. They were originally bred to work on fishing boats and were even sent as messengers between boats. Today, much of that energy remains, and this medium-sized dog (35-60 pounds) will need a lot of daily exercise.

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Lauren Crutchfield
Lauren Crutchfield
posted 1 week ago

Great experience with Dr. Jacob and his assistants! The whole team was very professional and kind. Dr. Jacob was thorough and knowledgeable and made going to the vet a comfortable experience for me and my boy. My anxious pup left there happy with a belly full of treats. I would definitely recommend Tipp City Vet Hospital!

Susan Bailey
Susan Bailey
posted 2 months ago

Amazing Boarding facilities! Immaculately clean and odor free! They provided us with a tour prior to our first boarding so we could make an informed decision about who to trust with the care of our little guy. Everyone has had that one experience where they can't enjoy their vacation because they are worried if their pet is being taken care of properly! We now can actually enjoy our time away knowing that our little pup is very well taken care of! And they have a text line you can use for updates! They make you feel like your pet is just as important to them as they are. to you. Give them a won't be sorry! If Barkley could talk, he would say... I'm a happy camper! Thank you mom and dad for bringing me here!

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